Color changw and curling. Please help?

Unknown strain. Got it from a friend who didnt know the strain.

Plant is in a organic miracle grow soil in a grow bag in a grow tent.

Water Ph is about 6.5 Humidity is running right around 65%
Fertilized once 3 weeks ago witj foxfarm grow big
Lights are Bestva dual chip series
The leaf was pulled From the plant
in case. no, i do not have a pic of the whole plant. Reast of the plant looks fine. In facr…this leaf looked fine last night.
Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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We need pictures to see. Make sure to let the photo upload 100% before posting


thank you so much for replying sorry for the long absence. my phone(with all the pictures) freaked out. had to take it back to the store to get it services. than my computer decided it wasnt going to boot anymore. So- no pics.i can access. *sigh~

If it starts happening again, i will take pics and post here.

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