Color changing in leaves


Idk. What this could be please. Someone help? Ph is at 6.0 and temp is at 75f. What should i do !?!?!?!?!


Needs nitrogen

reading the Free Grow Book on this site would be helpful for you


Need that nitrogen in there


If you’re in soil, ph is low


I agree with HornHead. Hungry, unable to take in nutrients.


I have them in nutrient water ph. Is at 6.0. Is in rotating water Whit bubbler i have a total of 12 galons of water in there. Whit. Dyna grow at 2.5 tsp per gallon


@Donaldj can tou assist here when you get time


Sorry dont understand. What you said. What you mean ??


cool your res to start with second give them a micro nutrient Iron is what I am seeing they are missing but could be just Calcium and Mag the yellow top growth is the give away it is a highly mobile nutrient they are lacking the the spots on older fan leaves suggest Cal. Metals like mag iron are highly mobile and effect new growth more so adding cal-mag should help


Awsome ill get rigth on that.