Color blind help

Good afternoon I am color blind please take a look let me have a idea how long? plant is 7ft tall.any other way to tell when ready?thanks


If I had to guess 4-6 weeks at least!


You’re in week 3 or 4 of flower. Depending on the strain you have 4-6 weeks yet.

Nice looking plant…

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thanks i notice last night that my kitchen window is letting the light out to deck is that hurting my plant?

Yes. I use a small yard light to keep my girls in veg a little longer. It doesn’t take a strong light…

forgot to say very sticky buds and nice smell think they been flowering 1 mt 1/2 new at this is in 5 gal planter

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You can’t provide 100% dark while they are outside. Either block the window or move the plant to be on the safe side. Believe me, you don’t want any amount of reveg at this point…

thanks a lot