Color and why it happens

Question for the group. If your strain is supposed to get color besides green, when does that develop, and can you influence/ ruin the chances?


In late flower is when I see color the most and lower temps usually brings it out.


Low temps & low humidity


@Laurap and @AAA are spot on. If you are growing indoors, simulating fall/winter approaching by lowering temperatures and also lowering humidity, will usually do the trick. Also, the difference in temperature between lights on and lights off helps with this. A change of 10°F to 15°F is what I used.

Bloodstar at about week 7 flower. Started changing temps at about week 5 flower. There is one Viparspectra light mixed with my QBs, but believe me, the plant is quite purple.

Even strains that are not supposed to change color will throw some colors under less than ideal temperatures. Glueberry below. Just be careful not to go too low, as that can stall your plants.

@Myfriendis410 mentioned that changes in pH may also play a role in color change. There is a product called Purpinator that is supposed to help as well, although I’ve never used it.


In my experience genetics and temps play a huge roll. I’ve certainly created my share of purple buds.
IMHO dropping temps to make them pretty doesn’t do much for the grow. It slows down with cold temps, and most, if not all of the colors are cut off during trimming. I’ve had very few buds retain colors after the cure.

This is ilgm Cali dream after about a week of nightly lows dipping into the 50’s.


I totally agree with that. The purple is strictly cosmetic, and usually trimmed off anyway. Also, drastic temperature drops can potentially stall the plants in an important budding stage. Mine happened in the garage where my heater took a crap. Temps got really low during lights off @ week 5. It was unintentional, and probably stalled my plants a bit. I’m about to harvest, so I’m just gonna ride it out.

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Beautiful color I love the heavy Frost. @Jza444

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Nice dark purple @Drinkslinger . I’ve been wanting to get a few Cali dream seeds.


Thanks. I kind of let the temperatures drop more than I should have, but it did make for some pretty colors. The trichome development has been really nice on both strains. Been pushing RH down as far as possible while still trying to hit proper late flower VPD.


I’ve seen many advertisements for the purpinator product. Has anyone had used it in their feedings? Any results?

I’ve had wonderful colors and such due to temp drops ,but like most of you have stated, there Isn’t much color on the buds that hangs around after dry/cure…if there is a product out there that provides color without stressing the plant then that may be something people could get behind. Just a thought.