Colombian Gold search

Ok, im a new grower but now this is my new favorite hobby ever.
I have been focusing in my current/first indoor grow and things look ok so far.
Im planning on upgrading all the gear i have, and getting a gorilla grow tent with extensions to have at least 8 feet of vertical room, maybe in 5x5 or 4x8…
This is because i want to try(unless its a very dumb idea) to get some Colombian Gold seeds online and some from their mother land, wich should be easy enough, as i am planning to be on a vacation by December on Santa Marta, north of Colombia, a place very close to the mountains where “Punto Rojo”, “red dot” as we called it back in the 90s, has been growing for hundreds of years…
I know i can ask for a bag of flower around and get some seeds, maybe get to know some local grower and get proper good seeds.
The plan is to try it again after about 15 years since the last time it was available in the city.
And to compare the seeds i can maybe find in Santa Marta to the online “Colombian Gold”

What i think could be really dumb is the fact that Punto Rojo is a 15-20 ft plant when grown outdoors, i have seen chopped trees inside a police station lying on the ground.
They are ENORMOUS.
My kind of plan is to try topping, heavy LST and LOTS of blue light to try and keep one of those monsters compact enough to have at least 1, hopefully 2 inside an 8 ft tall grow tent…
What do you guys think?
Anyone have any experience growing giant trees indoor?
Can she be kept more compact and lower than she wants with a combination of LST and a really blue heavy spectrum?
Thanks for any suggestions

@DMD the biggest challenge to growing a tree inside is the large amount of lighting that is needed to penetrate into the canopy. This is why most indoor plants are quite a bit smaller.


Ur mostly going for canopy coverage vs height ull want them to look like this

yes some of us have tree like plants lol


Ok, that will help then, im planning on starting first thing next year with that grow, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a couple HLG 320 kits by then to flower with them…
So it’s really trying to get her under control during early veg, then at the desired height switch lights to 12/12?
Like, letting her grow to about 2 ft and switching?


What size tent u growing in?

It’s a personal preference/light restriction on height decisions.
That light you could let them grow a bit taller, probably around 3 ft. Ceiling will be a factor, but remember that after flipping to flower, how much stretch will there be?
Almost better to grow a short plant, clone it, flip it, see how much stretch there is, then grow the clone out to the right height. @DMD

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Right now i have a 4x4 with 5 plants, 2 weeks into flowering
Im planning on finishing this lot as good as i can with my current gear, then upgrade everything for December


“Almost better to grow a short plant, clone it, flip it, see how much stretch there is, then grow the clone out to the right height.”
That seems easy to try, it probably will take a few runs to see what happens…


Thanks so much for the responses, at this point im just starting to do some research…

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Not a bad idea although here are a couple of other ideas for controlling height indoors. Pot size will dictate overall growth. A big pot means a big plant. Light spectrum is helpful. Controlling the veg time. (don’t let it GET big).

And if serious I would think about what @DMD suggested and grow a mother plant; spin off clones in your flower space.


I agree, big bushy mama, lots of short-vegged clones in a SOG.