Colloidal silver question

So I have this girl I want seeds from. My plan is isolate a limb and treat as directed. Once first sacs open and I collect the pollen I plan to chop the limb and pollinate a flowing branch of the same plant.
I’m wanting to not spread pollen around the tent ( it will be in its own 2 x 2 ) or the rest of the room by letting the male limb continue to flower. Does this seem feasible? Just looking to make my own future seeds without keeping mothers going.

Also would the plant still be safe for consumption?

Hey @Hellraiser I’ve never used it but read his use of it… he’s got the hands on experience and will help or link you to his journal with it. I know he was successful but don’t think consuming is recommended at all.

Also cloned my main squeeze just so I can have one to do the same with, so my eyes are peeled on this thread! :face_with_monocle:

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Yes, just have sort out the seeds.

Yes. I think you’ll do great.

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Perfect :star_struck: thank you

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You got the right idea , now it’s hands on time

Ok so me asking around on another forum from guys who breed suggest to spray 1 plant and collect and pollinate another plant. I was told that by the time the sacs start to form and pollinate the same plant that the seeds for the most part would be small non usable beans. How true this is idk. I was told u want to pollinate a plant as soon as the pistils pretty much pop and are fresh clear white look. Im gonna follow along as i am wanting to try this myself

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Self pollinating can be done (just a branch sprayed), though I prefer to use clones and turn one clone fully and use the pollen on another clone.

I would not smoke or consume the buds from a plant treated with CS, it’s why I don’t like self pollinating, don’t want any buds around from a plant treated with CS, may smoke it by accident.