Colloidal silver for sexing plants

From a fellow grower: To whom it may concern, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on colloidal silver sexing cannabis. My question is…I read somewhere in one of your grow guides that you can cause the lower branches to produce male organs with colloidal silver. I got an order of purple haze, purple kush, and gold leaf and have 3 females that are already starting to show sex the way I’m growing. If what I read is correct can I selectively get one plant to produce male flowers and sex the females to have more seed for next year? If I do it can I selectively treat with colloidal silver on the lower branches? Also how can I collect the female pollen and only have a few, hopefully a few higher branches, produce seed. Or do you all not recommend sexing the girls as you’ve suggested. Just a thought: it’s been soothing so far to plant some for hopefully my own production

With enough time, you can do what you are describing.

If your plants are already flowering, you probably won’t have enough time for the pollen sacs to grow and to pollinate the same plant. But it can be done with enough time.

Pick a whole branch, not part of a branch as that will be a pain. Start treating daily no later than flower flip day. Starting earlier is better and would produce more pollen. After three weeks stop using silver and let the pollen sacs appear. They might look like a group of bananas or a bunch of footballs.

After they look nice and ripe (letting them dust a little won’t hurt), pluck them with tweezers. Let them dry for a couple days, then take the pollen sac with tweezers and lightly tap it over pistols of your plant. Keep it in a seal vial and DON’T freeze it unless you can be 100% sure of zero condensation…which you probably can’t.

If you start the process too late, your pollen sacs will be intermixed with the buds however you can pollinate that same branch. If you start early, the entire branch will be just pollen sacs. That’s no problem either.

I’m currently self pollinating one branch of a CheeseXXL Auto. Expecting 300+ seeds off one branch. I’ll never use them all. I pulled 330 seeds off my LSD plant earlier this year.


Ok. My setup is outdoor so there is now flower flip day. The plants already are showing small pistils indicating female sex but there are no dense buds for pollinating yet. The other question I didn’t ask about was if I use colloidal silver on one branch the rest of the plant should still be harvestable correct? Like if I use tools like yours in the picture and say a pistil paintbrush to pollinate that should be ok. Or since it’s my first time growing would you recommend not trying such advanced techniques and waiting until next year using some of the ILGM seeds that got me this far?

Don’t consume any branches you’ve sprayed with silver. You can use a paint brush or you can tap the pollen sac out over your target. I haven’t had many issues with stray pollination yet. If you try to stay on target, you should be fine.

Your answer above is 100% correct, you seem really knowledgeable.
I have a question that I have not been able to find and answer for?
I have a mother bush that is a product of a feminized seed, if I took a clone off the
mother bush (which is a product of a feminized seed) and used colloidal silver, will
it produce a male with viable pollen so that I can breed it back to another clone?

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It should work out just fine