Colloidal silver experiment

I will be having a go at using colloidal silver 30ppm, my grow is currently on day 8 of our 12/12 regime. Plants are bout 2 1/2 months old now.
We have a BLUEBERRY, we also have a BLUEBERRY X C99.
I also have an old clone I’m throwing in the mix. Last grows clone it is. Seems a good smoke that stuff. So we will see what happens.
1st day of spraying the silver today. Will get some pics out soonly and show you the 3 way coming up.

The breeders I talk to start spraying STS 3weeks before the flip, because their concern is that otherwise the male flowers won’t develop in time to pollinate the staminate flowers. I’ll be curious to see your results. Please keep us posted.

@KeystoneCops. Shall do. Will be interesting. I’m a month from their start day.
I’m a day behind another schedule I was told of.

I did mine as soon as I flipped 12/12. Came out as male pollen sacks the shape of buds.

Tons of pollen from this method. Have fun and good luck. Also be patient it may look like a failed experiment then you get balls everywhere

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@PharmerBob… Roger mate, good to hear from experience… as I’ve had none with this silvering my shoots.
Do you smoke any part of a plant that has been treated??? I’m seeing steer away from smoking treated plants full stop. I’m aware of spraying some shoots,just don’t smoke them. Smoke untreated shoots is another idea. @KeystoneCops, what’s your take on smoking the stuff once treated??

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That’s a good question. I would never ingest the areas that were sprayed, if only part of the plant was hit with the silver solution. I think it’s best to avoid the rest of the plant, but I don’t know if the silver becomes systemic or if there are risks. I have heard that the solutions used to reverse male plants are very toxic, and I’d never ingest the flowers from a reversed male.

I feel like best practice is to take a cuttings to produce seeds/pollen, and if hormones/growth regulators are applied, just dispose of the leftover plant material. Small plants, tucked into a tiny space, can still produce a huge amount of seeds and pollen.

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Using my right mind I would not tempt fate.
Food for thought. Decisions beautiful stoned decisions. Good food for thought.
I think I’m gunna smoke untreated branches still but. @KeystoneCops you have presented a wonderful scenario. :thinking::thinking::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Don’t smoke any of the plant that has been treated, collect pollen and discard that product.

I personally have a zero tolerance policy for anything that gets treated with anything other than the growing process.

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Think flower power has done a lot with this I’ve only the one time under my belt so far with silver colloidal .

Other times I just had happy little accidents…funny that’s what I also call my kids


@KeystoneCops does raise a fair point.

Cloning carries on the best possible genetics

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