Collins Ave Strain

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays All. Was wondering if anyone has grown/used a newer Strain labeled Collins Ave. From what I have found it was a Rick Ross collaboration with DJ Short and was basically an experiment strain not made available for seed production. We obtained said delicacy from " The street ". We found it to be a delightful smoke. Nice taste smooth, Not a whopper but very decent. I am a non professional Connoisseur :grin::grin: who probably smokes way too much. My BS aside, we found a few little seeds In ours and have a plant started. Was wondering if anyone has any growing insight or information on this strain. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Thx

Are you from Florida…Miami area? Collins ave area? Lol I’m in ft Lauderdale not to scare ya

And know I haven’t heard of it but they both live in south beach so I wouldn’t doubt it

@fano_man No Sir I am in Texas

Gotcha might be easier for me to find as I live about 10 miles from there but being so close and heavy into the exclusive weed game I’m surprised I never heard of it I’m sure now I’ve heard of it now it’ll cross my vision like things usually do

@fano_man, good luck on the hunt. here’s a leafly link. “Collins Ave Weed Strain Effects & Reviews | Leafly”

@fano_man how are you brother. Hope Florida keeping you warm. Dallas Texas is freezing currently. Wanted to share.tje Collins Ave plant with you Genetics of this girl are impeccable! I gave a buddy a clone last night and have one that just startedshowingnew growth. She is 2 weeks into flower and smells heavenly like a subtle grape jolly rancher. I can’t wait. Hope all is well .


Thank you for the update she looks like she is gonna get super heavy …shes stacking nicely

@fano_man how’s it going bro. We’re getting closer. Were you able to find Collins near you? I cut a couple clones to keep her going and a buddy found a seed in his sack that I’m getting. This plant has been wonderful to grow. I just want to keep on keeping on lol Hope all is well.

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Wow that’s a gorgeous plant man havent ran across it but insure would now …that’s a buety