Collecting rain water

It’s going to be raining in my area for 2-3 days straight, I’m trying to make the best of it by collecting it. Can I use rain water for Cannabis plants? I’m collecting rainwater by Having a 1gallon jug in a open space with the top off, and cheese cloth over the Hole so no bugs,ect…will get in…is this ok?
Any helpful feedback would be helpful!

Yes ! simple answer - really just keep it cover if want to - it’s all natural bugs, ect

How long can I store rain water? Does it have to be in a dark place or something ?

How long can I store rain water? Does it have to be placed somewhere specific when being stored?

If the Ph of the rain water is out of the normal range for example; 7.0 or more,can I use ph down or is that not a good idea?

rain water is water with out the minerals in it …store it like any water your gonna use cool dark so algae dosnt form … ph it like any water youd use on MJ … i use it it the summer by running it thur a plain house filter . H

I went to the store earlier today & seen bottled spring water. Can I use that on the plants?

For sure that’s the best collect as much as you can I run mine thru a strainer to remove any debris and bottle it when not raining use distilled and save gallon jugs


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I collect my rain water in 5 gal buckets stright from the cutter.
Ill have 25. 30 gals in no time flat