Colder nights are coming

Question from a fellow grower:

I don’t think my plant is ready to harvest but it is going to freeze a couple of nights this week any ideas

It all depends how big it is and the resources at hand. You could improvise some sort of cover, maybe with posts/sticks and some plastic tarp (possibly one of those very light weight paint tarps). Orange groves burn some kind of smoke pots or burners of some kind during the coldest hours.

If you cover it, throw it on as late as possible and remove it as soon as you can.

All that said, MJ will take a little frost and even a light freeze.

We had frost night before last, mine was covered wwith a pop up canopy. I can add sides and heat if needed.

Covering in incandescent holiday light strands and wrapping in plastic can help avoid freeze damage in light frost.


Can you move it inside?

It’s not going to get warmer or more intense sunlight as the year progresses…

Lol that’s my kind of Christmas tree!


I was wondering the same thing about the cold was thinking of putting a space heater in my Greenhouse but don’t know if that’s a good idea or not .
The walls of my greenhouse don’t go all the way to the ground itcanget cold in there

It’s droping to the 30 here where I’m st I have a small plant outside but it ain’t ready harvest what should I it’s been real cold should I just harvest already

If it’s small then make a temporary cold frame over it, as suggested above.

It was 36 last night it’s on it’s 4th week doesn’t look like the buds are growing nomore

Thta’s clever, I like that idea

same problem bro note the plastic and camo blankets. My Durban poison is 2 meters tall in week 15 of flower December 3 East coast USA

My Stubborn Stacey, a White Widow Autoflower, in 17th week from sprout. I don’t foresee harvest for another 3/4 weeks. We have had several cold nights and I sheltered her in my barn overnight after one night in frost to “harden” her to colder weather since it will be around Christmas when I harvest. Merry Christmas to me!!! Oh yea, what is the record for lifespan of Autoflowering plant grown outdoors? Stubborn Stacey will be about 20 weeks at harvest.

I’m in the east as well and growing between 35 -50 Degrees on some slows down on others it’s picking up but the colors I’m getting are amazingimage image

This would be a train wreck and green crack


My Stubborn Stacey is turning purple!!!


cold does that…gotta cover up tonight its gonna freeze

train wreck looks killer

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My Durban Poison auto doesn’t like the cold (down to 55F) and even exhibited a potassium deficiency from it I think :mage:
The GG#4 looks and acks like its not a problem at all :man_farmer:

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Different strains definitely react differently

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Out of 8 White Widow Autoflowering girls, only 2 will purple up. Amazing how diffrent plants within same strain will act differently.

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