Colder nights and fall colors. Any cause for concern?

The past week has brought some colder weather to the Cali coast, and my remaining sativa have quickly taken on some fall colors. Green leaves yellowed over the course of three nights, took on some rust and purple tones at times. And the sugar leaves and bud tips are doing the same.

I’d like to give them another week or so, but wanted to ask the collective if there is any risk or down side to this coloring from the cold? Or is the cold merely going to slow down my growth but not do damage? (No frost to date, and none forecast for the upcoming week. Just low 40’s.)


If no Frost you’re fine they are actually pretty tough. Beautiful plants.

Don’t be concerned about dips into the 40’s. They’ll slow down a bit, but if your daytime highs get out of the 60’s the plants will still thrive.

I’d give them several more weeks.

Thanks for alleviating my concern. The fact that the buds themselves were taking on some color changes gave me a bit of a start. Guess I’ll just relax and let em have another week or so. Not sure I want to go beyond that as the long range forecast is not only cooling but dampening. I fear bud rot.

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Your fine. Just make sure to take daily pics as the colors really set in. It’s going to be gorgeous