Cold Weather is coming super fast help


My plants are about two weeks into flower and are in the ground and it’s getting cold low 50’s at night should I transplant to take inside at night


I’m kind of in the same boat. I have 4 outside in the ground, and the weather is now 70 in the day, and drops to 500-60 now every night. I’m in Pa, where are you?

I think I’ll be fine, hopefully! They need another 2-4 weeks to finish, so I’m praying lol :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


If you guys are that concerned go and get some Frost blankets from the garden store or you can build a simple setup out of PVC that will top out over the top of your plants by a foot a foot-and-a-half and shrink wrap around it so you’re basically going to build a frame around your plants leaving a foot of room away from the plants all the way around and then shrink wrap that cage so every night you throw that on top of their and somewhere down about 2 feet from the top put a couple air vents in just to let air in but nothing in the top you want to completely wrap it so that way it’ll hold in heat throughout the night



@ktreez420, & @Daniel18,
@peachfuzz, just gave you your anwer, gift wraped to boot…lol


Cheap dome tent the ones with the fly Cut the floor out slide it on the plant peg it down keeps the cold off for longer
The one with the fly is better because they are normality just netting under the fly less humidity good for them family members come over unexpected “kids must of set the tent up”


No, your good for a few more , I’m in the same type outdoor grow, in soil . Temps have been in the 50s -40s also, plants are doing fine, just keep an eye on em, Check out , Holy Crickies look at the Triches in the beginners grow section.


I’m in N.M


I just finished up my blue berry and It was to much of couch lock can anyone help with this plant here, is it way to early to pull ?


Harvest with less amber trichomes. Try about 30-40%.