Cold temps in drying room

My temps are getting under 60 degrees at night in my dry room, what effect will this have on drying. Thanks

It will slow things down a bit. Just keep an indirect air flow and and watch ur rh in the room. Think it should be close to 60% or so. :v:

Rh is right around 55%, trying to keep room temp around 68, but slips down at night

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Pretty sure ideal temps are in 60-70 range.
Edit. Just looked up curing / processing. @Myfriendis410 noted the benefits to room temp but I’m not sure of the negatives of not being at that.

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If i have to put a heater in there , i will,53 in there now

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Ya. That’s cool. I would just to be sure. Don’t want to ruin it now. :wink:.

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@Tinman you still have your exhaust fan running pulling in a little fresh air I would raise the temperature a little in the lung room where your pulling fresh air from. Personally I don’t think I would put a heater in the room or tent with the buds . Good luck


Get temps too low and the plant material won’t dry out and will mildew. Too dry and the flower dries out way too quickly which hurts the flavor. You’ll just have to find the balance that works for you this time of year.