Cold temperatures

Hello everyone :slight_smile: so winter is here and unfortunately my flower and veg tent are in my bedroom. I like it chilly when I sleep. I’ve been reading a lot about high and low temperatures. Since this cold streak my plants are sitting at about 75 during the day and 63 at night. I know you can switch your cycle to run at night so your plants stay warmer but that doesn’t work for my schedule :frowning: I need to be able to be Hands-On during the day. So my question is what is too hot and what is too cold? Any opinions or ideas would be great. Thank you in advance


Welcome ! one thing you might consider is search the Breeders guides and pick out a strain this more suitable for your environment. Just my thoughts good luck

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I just kind of ran across these seeds. Tell you the truth I’m not even sure what they are. I know one is a sativa and the other two or indica :slight_smile: thank you for your input I will keep that in mind

I run my veg room at 65° and my flower room at 75-80. Flower room dipping down in the low 60s at night. No problems

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Thank you for your feedback. I was always told no less than 65. But I read more and more people Let It Drop well below that. Trying to get all this dialed in so I can send them into flower. Having some type of nutrient issue. Flush twice this last week and gave light dose of nutrients and I think they just don’t like Fox Farm. Ever since I got this fox farm almost a month ago seems I’ve been having problems. new foliage has yellow tips and a lot of the leaves you can see the veins that are dark green and the rest of the leaf is lighter. Any idea whith this leaf issue?

My temps are in the low 60’s and I find no problems, might be slower to mature, longer but get the results I want. happy growing. :crazy_face: :bat:

Thank you for the feedback. Now if I can just get them healthy I’ll put them into flower. Was having a magnesium problem. Veiny leaves. Now all new growth tips are yellow. I’ve flushed twice in a week and gave a light dosage of nutrients. Leaves just seem a little light I was reading that it could be light burn or stress but they’ve been underneath the same lights at the same distance since the beginning. They’re starting to outgrow their home. LOL