Cold temp for drying room


How cold is too cold for the drying space?
Is it ok to dry the bud in a garage that has a temp of 35 -45 ? Humidity in my area has been around 40-45% outside.
Garage is cinder block. 4 car garage.


You should be just fine. Mildew risk stops at 65RH.
People store their bud in freezer with no abnormal effects.



Your humidity 50% and temp should be no lower than 65


Yeah, I’ve had a hard time drying when temps are down and I’ve tried to dry outdoors.


I have placed my harvest in paper bags for about ten days and put it under my bed.then mason jars and placed under my bed.


Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I’m stuck with my method. Drying in the house is out due to the beautiful smell. Temps will vary from low 40s at night to mid to high 50s during the days for the next 10 days or so. The cooler weather does bring lower humidity so I’m hoping for the best.
Wish me luck. I’m hoping i don’t ruin all my hard work.


Well you should be ok but I really couldn’t say at this point. I do wish the best for you. and by the way you said I believe that you were from the Boston area…if so I grew up in Norwell Mass. Do you know where that town is ?

I just red your posts and you didn’t say either way. Must have been someone else. I go through 1000s of these post almost every day and i’m bound to make a mistake somewhere along the line…lmao


Just wondering how you made out with the cool dry of your buds?
I have much the same kind of set up in a shed where the RH is 50ish but the Temp is around 45-48 F. I have a fan blowing in the area and it is darkish also…Your insight would help as I have just hung 2 of 4 plants…Thanks…


When I hung at first, it was ok but then had a cold dry snap. They dried fine but a little crisp. If you stay at those temps you may be ok. Temps in my area were erratic when i dried. Hope that helps.