Cold stress on auto flower

I’m two weeks past my harvest time 56 days of flowering. The trichromes have turned cloudy a week ago. Will they ever get to amber or was the cold stress too much for them? The plants are Gorilla glue auto.
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. Just remember that the time estimates are just that (for flowering ) under ideal conditions. Then you have to factor in the 4-7 weeks of veg time before the plant achieves sexual maturity. :wink: :v:
And how cold did your area get ? :thinking:

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It got below 50f several times forcing some to seed. Ok so I’ll be patient


Who hoo free seeds! Those temps should be okay. It is hard to wait at the end. The next few weeks are critical as it will really start to add some weight to the flowers. If you can be patient you will be rewarded.

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Yes the cold will affect that. I would just wait another week and see. after that just let here rip.
The drying prosses should make your harvest a bit stronger just dont be in a hurry… ok

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