Cold snap in weather

Growing on a mountain top in Virginia and I happen to look at the weather and it’s supposed to dip down to the low 60s next week when it has been around 80. Should I be worried about my plants herming on me? Anything I should do to maybe prevent? Or should I not worry too much about it?


Theyll do just fine. A mild temp swing for a couple of days wont hurt. Might even help. Are you in flower?


Ok cool, I figured I was overthinking it.
Yep some further than others but looking good so far.


they will definitely get plenty of that good ole nute rich rainwater lol luckyyy


Went to look at my plants after all the raining and noticed a little gray mold. I pinched and snipped off the gray parts but did NOT sanitize my hands or clippers before moving to my next plants to trim fan leaves. Now I’m worried that I accidentally spread it just because I was in a panic.
Good news is the weather is getting a little warmer in the upper 70’s to 80 but the humidity is supposed to be around 60 to 65. Where it was just recently a lot higher

Will better weather help the chances of the spreading? Can correct pruning improve air circulation to help stop the spread?

Worried as shit over here lol

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You could prune, or you could tie the branches down a little to help open up the canopy to allow more light and airflow