Cold or hot cannabis tincture


I’m trying to figure that out now. It would be perfect to make a vape juice out of, but I’m not sure about tincture.


Thanks bob yes it was the one I was referring to tanks brother @bob31

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I think what you want to do is just take the RSO and heat it slightly and then disolve it right into some glycerine. But I’m not sure how much glycerin trying to figure that out myself.


I am positive cannatonic is 3:1 where I got it from.

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I looked it up on Leafly but they only list testing results if your local pharmacy carries it and no one in my area has it.

Of all the various strains I’ve seen that were tested the highest cbd ratio I saw was like 2:1


If cannatonic was strong for me can u recommend a strain that has higher CBD

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Mmm ok once u work it out please share :slight_smile:

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I guess it’s just from supplier and info on internet but I have not got it tested. Might look into testing. For anxiety isn’t it better though to have 1:1 ratio???

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I was just going to say the same thing. I have a degree in Chemistry and Biology as well as Physician Assistant and that by no means makes me an expert. I know a little more than some but not as much as others. The degree is not as important as a working knowledge of what you are working with. And many times that takes more studying than most are willing to do.

I tried RSO once and did the same thing with the dose and slept for a LONG time. Live and learn. Can’t wait for a good grow so I can make some tincture. My cannabis is all medicine now. Do not smoke much to get high (still do sometimes). Using it in small doses works fine for me. Ya’ll take care. Jerry


For my back and joint pain I get better daytime pain relieve from a little more THC. I also use very small doses.

Jerry @TxGrowman any thoughts on taking rso and adding to glycerine for a glycerin based tincture?

I think we know we can warm up the rso and glycerine and with some mixing the two will combine.

We are trying to determine how much glycerine we need for 1 gram of rso.

My guess would be glycerine 3:1 rso

Any input from anyone?



Anything you can help me out with ways to use up the leafidge @bob31 brother


@darren the trim from around the colas has trichomes on it so you can make hash out of them or something. The rest of the trim can be used to make a low potency cannabutter or similar for cooking.

I’m going to be harvesting a small AK47 Auto in a couple weeks so I will let you know what I decide.


How’s it going brother !

Never really diluted the RSO but not a really bad idea, considering what happened the first time I tried it ! It would make the dosing a little easier. If it is too diluted at 3:1 you can always increase the amount you take. That would make it safer to use and still be able to function ! LOL

As you mentioned, mild heating will most likely be needed to get a good mixture. I’m not sure how hard it would be to keep into suspension or even if it would stay in suspension. You will have to test it and see. The good thing about this is with a reduced amount of RSO in each dose, it should be fairly easy to find a good dose for you. Good luck and let me know how it works. Jerry

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Look into train wreck @Sawsan I believe that’s good for anxiety
Sorry it took so long to respond justvsay your post now

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Hi I have few questions about train wreck I’m in my flowering stage and have been for about 7 weeks beautiful just need to know how much longer do I have till I havest


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They both will have the same about of THC when prepared right…


Hi all! Sorry to hijack this thread but it’s the same subject as my issue. I made a tincture using 95% alcohol and reduced on a heat mat, the tincture is very thick. I want to use it in gummies, should I mix it with something else before starting the gummy recipe?