Cold or hot cannabis tincture


It depends on how you made it and the dose you took



Followed RSO method. Took about a pea size sticky dark stuff.

S Dennaoui


Shouldn’t last long, 6 hours at the max!



@Sawsan what MJ did you use? That also has a lot to do with the effects.

Maybe next time take a 4th of that.


Went to bed my head was weird slept it off. It was too much for me I think. I’m taking it for my mental health and I fact I was anxious cause the way it made me feel.

S Dennaoui


too much of a good thing, may not be good!

Try one fourth of that. That’s strong stuff so less is more!


Need to start with the rice size grain


it is high cbd strain ( cannatonic) so THC should be low and there should not get u high. Probably cause I take paxam long acting daily. I might take my paxam midday and RSO before bed cause it did help me sleep. Now is tip of toothpick should be a starter once a day for me???

S Dennaoui


I haven’t used a toothpick in years so I’m not sure as long as it is about 1/4 of what you tried last time that should be fine. Under the tongue? @Sawsan


Is there a way of testing the ratio of CBD to THC in my cannatonic oil???

S Dennaoui


I’m sure there is if you send it to a lab


This is a problem with medical cannabis at the moment. Inconsistent. If you get herb from a dispensary, it should be labeled with THC/CBD content. But even that can change based on how you treat it. You’d need a degree in chemistry or pharmacy to know exactly how to manage all the variables.

So that leaves you as your own lab rat. Figure out what works for you through trial and error. Every person is different. It’s gonna take practice.

Maybe in twenty years this will be solved, but in the meantime it gives us growers the power and responsibility to create exactly what we need.


@Lia I absolutely agree @Sawsan are use white widow autos for my RSO and it is perfect for me I like trying to use the auto’s first because they grow fast and I can figure out what I need I also do some mixing from time to time which also helps


Lol funny enough a degree in chemistry still doesn’t do it. I have a degree in chemistry but still have lots of learning to do. I know my strain is roughly 3:1 CBD:THC. I’m st the doctors as we speak and I still have the after body must be so sensitive. Looking back don’t know what I was thinking taking a pea size Potent RSO and licking my fingers lol. Tell u I slept like a baby though and forgot to take my normal doze of paxam( benzos).

S Dennaoui


Hi guys, think oil is to strong for me so I’m about to make tincture and place in capsules. I’m going to use glycerine. My question here is how long should I marinate my herb for?? Does it have to be weeks?
Once filtered and filled up my zero capsules can I place them in jar in cupboard or fridge???
Would anyone know roughly the doze I should be taking??? I’m guessing tinctures are much less potent than RSO.

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@darren here is the topic that @Countryboyjvd1971 was talking about. Is this the one John?



I think you can probably use some of that rso you already made? How many grams do you have left?

I don’t think you should put tincture in capsules. Tincture is made to drop under your tongue.

As with anything, you should always use the lowest dosage possible. So for a tincture from a dropper, your first dose would be one drop or less.


Hey Sawsan, I am new to the MMJ world. I have been smoking with great success to combat chronic pain and to stop taking opiates. problem s, I dont care to smoke. here is the process that ill be trying next week when my supplies arrive. A little food for thought. hope this helps
Making Cannabis Capsules


If I use what I have how do I make tincture out of it. Do I melt it down and add a carrier of some sort and place in dropper??? If so is glycerine ok and how much to add to 1 gram say

S Dennaoui


Btw cannatonic is a 1:1 THC/cbd hybrid.

It does have THC in a low dosage but you can get effects from a low dose of THC.

I have a strain right now that is a 2:1 cbd/THC and it still has a decent buzz to it.