Cold or hot cannabis tincture


WTF, NY??? :confused: Just randomly no everclear?
I thought CT was weirdly restrictive, but dood.


Yeah we can get everything else just not that
it is stupid @Lia lol St all good I’m close enough that I don’t need to go out of my way
I believe it’s because of the proof being 190 that restricts it here


I am very confused here with decarboxylation. Rob u talk about the methods but u don’t mention that the goodies need to be put in the oven first??
Are u saying regardless which method u use the first step is placing in oven???
From what I read drying the buds for 1-2 weeks and then placing in glass jars to cure for few weeks decarboxylation the goodies. Correct me if I’m wrong please???
Want to know if dry do u still need to bake???

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Yes you still need to bake. Just placing them in jars after drying is the curing process. But if you want any of your tinctures to work you need to decarboxelate your herbs. Place in a ceramic dish with tinfoil over top nicely sealed. In the oven at 220°F for 30 - 45 min. Let cool then concoct away my friend.


Drying and curing is what has to be done for all MJ.

My understanding is there are no active ingredients in green MJ. Once it is decarbed the inactive ingredients become active making it usable in tinctures or vape juice etc.


Yes you are right there @bob31. There is very little actual thc in a green plant. There is more thca then thc. But once you add enough heat then the thca breaks down to thc and then it is active. The heat is needed to remove the acid and leave you with just thc. Same thing for cbd and cbn. In the growing plant they are more concentrated as the cbda and cbna, but once there is heat added then the acid molecules break away and the compounds in the plant become active.

So if you are getting medical mmj they now have to break down how they get the percentages for thc for example. So it’ll state there is say 19.17% total thc. 5.1% is the actual thc in the plant, an 14.07% thca in the plant. Which is released when when you either smoke it or vaporize it or cook it in some way. (The addition of heat is very important to be able to unlock the full potential of the bud.)

So if you were to just eat the bud then you wouldn’t get a buzz, but if you were to bake it first and decarboxelate the bud then eat it. You would get a pretty good buzz similar to eating an edible.


All this info is great but I am still not understanding. My thing is I want to make medicinal cannabis. I got my crop, dried and ready to go. In many YouTube and rick Simpson method it states. Nothing about putting it in the oven. They start their video by showing the dried buds and grinding then put in jar with ethanol wash few times drain and then put in rice cooker to evaporate the alcohol.
My question why didn’t they bake first???
In one video lady said if cured no need to bake?? Confused ?? Me too lol. Please clarify!!!

S Dennaoui


All my knowledge and experience says you need to heat marijuana to get the medical effects. If others say you unheated herb works, it can’t hurt to spend a gram or two experimenting. Do a batch as-is, do another after heating. Let us know what happens!


They did not bake because they are using a rice cooker to evaporate the alcohol. So they are adding heat to it. Usin the rice cooker as the heat source to activate the thc in the alcohol.

Ok so to try an take the confusion out of this. No matter which way you proceed making this tincture. Weather you bake the bud first or not. The alcohol will extract all of the readily available THC and thca from the plant material.

If You bake the bud first then you do not need to use Heat to evaporate the alcohol. You can just let the mixture sit at room temperature until all the alcohol has evaporated from the mixture.

If you do not bake the bud first then you most definitely need to use a heat source of some sorts too activate the THC in the tincture. Which is why they place it in the rice cooker to evaporate the alcohol off.

Therefore while they are heating the mixture they are in turn activating the THC. Turning the thca into THC. So no matter what you need to either pre bake your bud or use some sort of heat source to activate the THC.

I hope this helps you understand this a little better. If not ask more questions and hopefully we can help you figure this out.


Thanks for chiming in @Zero420 done anymore experimenting?

@Lia @Countryboyjvd1971 I have a bottle of dispensary purchased ethanol based tincture. It is very good tincture and it helps me tremendously. I use it throughout my day a couple of drops at a time under the tongue.

I have also found that the taste is a little harsh. I was on the local ocean state job lot and bought a small $1- bottle of orange extract. It is alcohol based as well.

Using the tincture dropper I added 6 drops of the orange extract and wow a hint of :tangerine:. Very nice.

Thought I’d share. I think vanilla extract might be a good add too. But not sure if it is alcohol based?


That’s brilliant. Yes, vanilla extract is also alcohol based. Gonna try this!


Zero420 you are amazing
Thank u for making me understand. That’s why I was puzzled cause I’m using a rice cooker as well so no need to bake.
However if I were to make a tincture then I would need to bake cause I will not be cooking it.

S Dennaoui


Nope not yet. Ran out of pot. So waiting for more to grow.


@Sawsan please be very careful cooking that alcohol on the stove. Consider the purchase of a good fire extinguisher and also read up on the safety aspects of reducing alcohol. This can be very dangerous if not done properly!


That’s why people use rice cookers to reduce it down. No flame but should still be done in a well ventilated area. Outside is the best place.


And definitely do it outside of possible or and a very very very well ventilated room or garage along with the fan going


Actually it’s not bad. I’m in the process as we speak , filtering . Too windy outside

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I’ve made tons of RSO, but never any tinctures, I would sure love to learn and try this out!



Just made RSO yay

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Hi letting u know I took half og grain rice and 1 hour later feel like I have taken high dose of benzos. Just a weird feeling, heave head, adrenaline rush can’t describe it. How long would the strange feeling last??

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