Cold Nights in New England

Hi Everyone
This is my first post but I have been stocking the forums here since Sept. 1 or so, and I’m impressed with the information supplied, and the friendliness of the people here.
My question to you fine people is:
I started a couple of plants outdoors this summer but got a late start July 1 or so I have Two indicia and one sativa plant all Three are females I think, my problem is that with the late start my plants are in the flower stage and seem ok but the nights here are getting down to the 40’s with day temps in the 65-75 range and I’m not sure if I will have the time to let them fully bud before we get a frost.
Any suggestions from the group, should I wait it out as long as possible, can I bring them in to my new grow tent ect.
Also can anyone suggest how much longer these plants might take before they are ready for harvest.
By the way just in case you cant tell this is my first grow (now that is legal in Ma) and I bought a grow tent some lights and ph test kit and of course White Widow Fem Seeds just waiting for seeds should be here in a week or so.


Best way to tell is buy checking tricombes through a loop or pocket scope
As far as when to harvest imo any time once you have 20% amber tricombes or better depending on defect desired? That up to you
More amber more couch lock / body high less amber more energetic head high
Happy harvesting :v:CB :cowboy_hat_face:
FYI plants look great nice job


Plants look healthy and may even be close to finish line not requiring any drastic moves the cold weather will actually trigger plants to finish somewhat faster being natural time of year for them to be done. If they are in pots you could possibly take them inside if you have space but I would check Tric’s first to judge how close they are?


I am in maine, sounds like we are in about the same spot. A couple of mine got a late start as well. I will attach a couple pics of what my ladies look like. If the weather calls for frost u can double bag them overnight, u can rig up some trash bags or whatever. That’s my plan. Just for overnight, through frost. I don’t know if have had this wet humid weather in mass, but I’ve been fighting mold past week. Uploading…

Yes we are wet and cold today (Thanks Jose) and I have had some worries over mold but the pics were yesterday and I think I’m good. We have 8 mile a hour windy today so that may keep them dry I hope. I just don’t want to harvest them to soon because of frost. The little one looks almost ready it was in a different spot then the other 2 and went in to flower sooner, it also gets less sun and the soil was potting soil we dug a large hole then filled with soil but the hole was in a sand pit so I think that is what stunted its growth.

Im in MA and my buds are way behind yours. They look like they flowered near the beginning of August? @TBrezzy

Yes I got a late start a friend was getting the clones for me but he took his time I think he needed to borrow money for a few weeks. HaHa

Nice plants. I to am from taxachusetts up near nh border i unfortunately can not plant outdoors live in condo complex …but am growing 3 weeks now in dwc…

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bob31 do you think I need to trim more will the leaves drain the nutrients from the bud? I think I read that here.

Nice to talk to you, yes my landlord told me I could plant and he didn’t have a problem but I was starting to get the nerves so I spent a few hundred on a grow tent and some seeds and other things for my next shot.
PS if the lawmakers in the US seen how nice people are in these forums compared to other forums they would see why weed is a better drug then all others I went ten years without smoking because of kids and the law.


@TBrezzy - you need to prefix the username with a “@” for them to get notified.


@TBrezzy thank you T Brezzy

@HappyCamper oops meant thank you HappyCamper

@HappyCamper @Gman753 Sorry for the newbe mistake and thanks for the Welcome

About the leaves and all that, lets see a pic of what you are growing.

I’m sort of old school and i don’t like to trim too much. The leaves bring the air and sun into the plant so I’m thinking the plant might need them to help produce big old fat buds!

But, on the other reasoning, I am growing a Gold Leaf with a SCROG and there is not really that much light getting thru to the under side of the screen so I trimmed off some of that and some of it yellowed due to lack of lighting and i pulled that off too. I sort of let the plant tell me though… @TBrezzy

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You be fine, its 35 F here now, plants are fine…
We will get through this :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

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Bob I posted pictures in the original post but here is a picture of the uppermost bud on my best plant also was wondering if you trim the leaves before drying your buds or do you dry then trim. I’m so new to this and there are so many different opinions on the topic of trimming I’m kind of lost.

P.S. Sorry about the delay would not let me post. (new user)

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She looks good bro
Almost ready :+1:
You can wet or dry trim I prefer dry trimming my self but it’s all preference really
I know a few guys who swear it’s just neater to do while they are still wet ?
I will continue to dry trim

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Hi every one sorry to keep posting but I think I have Bud Rot it has been damp and rainy here for a week now and when I checked the plants this morning I was shocked to see the difference in the plant.

Here is the difference from yesterday to today


Then this morning

Closer view

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Last picture is blurry so it a bit hard to see
So you have brown spots on the buds ?