Cold Nights and health


The last 3 nights have been in the mid 40’s and daytime highs were only in the low 60’s, My plants were in a greenhouse that is not climate controlled.

My plants are 4 weeks old. Is there any danger of stunting their growth or other damage?

Do these look healthy and the right size for a 4 week old plant? they are 4 inches tall.



Are you feeding them? I had plants out in upper 30s with highs in the 50s for a a few weeks. Growth slows a little but soon as they get a warm spot they take off. being in a green house it should warm up quick I would think. I draw the line at 35. Now mine are growing like ill effects what so ever


yes, I am using fish emulsion.

I have Happy Frog bulb bloom waiting for flowering. If/when it happens. I haven’t grown anything since the 70’s. We grew Afghani sensimilla back then but cant remember toomuch about it.

For old times sake I ordered 5 Affi seeds from here. Cant wait for them to come in.


How big a pot is it in? I’m thinking it should have grown a bit more… Fish stuff will work that’s 5-1-1 I believe. How often have you given the fish stuff


5 and 7 gallon pots.

feeding once a week,


Are you talking about Alaska Fish Emulsion ?


You will be fine they dont like it much colder than that tho
@Sasquatch is correct they can even handle some lower temps for a short period of time


yes it is Alaskan


I had my ILGM Northern Lights and Blueberry autos in my green house at 30 degrees at nite and they finished just fine and my blueberrys turned a bit purple too


With as young as they are you do not want to keep them at those temps too long
I suggest some sort of heater
I made some tea candle terra cotta pot heaters that raised temps through the coldest part of night keeping temps above 50 during December of last year with my seedlings this grow


You can also cover them with plastic
Though they are in a greenhouse covering them is like double insulating them from the elements


They did make it ok. This one doubled in size and height in one week! Now if it would just show signs of sex.