Cold it be a little rot

Thank you … and @Indicanna_Jones
I made up a box …only option at this point …
It’s all in there and I keep turning the fan on and off until Amazon gets here …then I can monitor the temp and humidity
They are also bringing me a dehumidifier
And the box is right next to one of my air conditioning vents

I’m still interested in what ypu were going to say …I have another plant to harvest in about 2-3 weeks

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I could not believe I was sitting i front of all those stalks of fresh cannabis
Hard to describe but you’ve been there and can relate haha

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Also pleasantly surprised …I was prepared to toss a bunch due to mold or rot
I broke my ass looking and found none YET …lol

I’m sitting next to a full 5 gallon bucket to burp not including the 17gm bubble hash. Still makes ya smile everytime…never gets old.

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Wow …that’s insane and awesome …
I need me a 5 gallon bucket full …haha maybe next grow

So back to my question can I do a peroxide spray then a neem oil the next day for several days to kill any bugs and keep the rot from spreading.

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Cut it out and use 3% peroxide cut in half with water spray the plant after sun goes down to avoid any damage. Search plants for inch worms as could be smaller than a grain of rice and not just green. If it persists go to full strength 3%. I dont use neem oil but I don’t think it’s safe during flower or it is but makes the bud taste bad. Good luck

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No Neem oil on your buds. I think the Jacks dead bug is what is used for flower, but don’t take my inexperienced thoughts on the matter, ask some of the smart folks here. I am certain neem on buds is a big mistake.


BT or Captain jacks dead bug are both safe to use this late in flower BT is designed to kill caterpillars.

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I found 2 caterpillars yesterday on one of my plants had to cut out a nice bud and the top of another bud. I noticed some leaves dieing in a weird way that made me investigate. Sure enough there they were.

100 % Caterpillars…Im an unfortunate expert this year UNFORTUNATELY…dag nab it!!!

Thanks for the tips guys, good lick with the caterpillars