Cold Germination

Hello, so my first grow was a rough one and i’m going for round two. When I got my first seeds i was sent extras as a compensation for delays and was suggested to store them dry in the fridge until ready for use. What is the best way to germinate these seeds and get them ready to plant? Thank you in advance!

Soak for 18 to 24 hours. Transfer to damp paper towels for 48 hours. Then plant in forever home and placed in the grow tent.

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Many ways to success
Here is what I do and have had great success.
Remove seeds from mason jar in fridge and let them warm to room temp.
Use shot glasses and put Hydrogen peroxide and tap water about 25% HP and rest water about 3/4 full for each strain.
Set that on top of my router and let it warm up a couple hours.
Place seeds in shot glasses and cover with small paper bag…check every 8 hours or so and finger stir it. Usually after about 24 hours some crack open and tap root starts growing. Some will take longer but usually after 24 hours in glass I’ll take a old black bottomed take home food container from deliver or restaurant and sandwich each strain in folded paper towel after marking the paper towel with the strain name and use water from shot glass to saturate them and layer them strain by strain in container and put the clear lid on and flip it upside down so black bottom is on top to keep light from hitting roots and place back on router (gives them some heat but not too much) once the tap roots gets about an inch or so long I put that into either the final pot or a small starter cow pot. This step depends on my circumstances as far as room with others growing etc.
Some just plop the seed without all this directly into pot and it can work but I don’t do that cause I wanna know they have at least opened because sometimes they just don’t.

Many roads to the same destination

Here is the germination guide provided on this web site

Hope this helps


Thank you so much! couple questions. Am I okay to use a Peat Pot like this I linked at the end. Then once its ready to be moved, put the whole peat pot into a larger pot like it recommends? Also, I don’t start giving it light until it breaks surface of the soil correct?

I son’t use peat pots myself and won’t need to. :+1:

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Would they be okay going directly into the 5 gallon or should I start small? I’m trying to avoid moving pots if possible.

I put them straight into their forever home right off the bat. :+1:


Pics didn’t load…
Oh it’s a link…FYI forum rules only allow certain links to be used from an approved list so I just usually use screen shots of items as that’s ok…just not live links as moderators will then need to edit them…

I used to use Peat Pots and then planted the entire thing into final pot after seedling leaves reached the sides etc…but I also would (before adding soil and putting seed in them) make slices in the sides and bottom of them with box cutter as peat pots take awhile to break down and I wanted to give the roots easy exit points to get into main soil and not just the round hole at the bottom.

Look up Cow Pots…made from cow manure…I still slice them before but they break down much quicker once buried in soil in final pot.

You can turn lights on once the seeds are in soil as you’ll want the light there once the pop up through so they can start using the light to grow. Just need to keep roots from light and the soil does that.


This is like my second post so I really had no idea but thank you! Screenshots would probably be easier anyway! Thank you for the suggestions!! What is the purpose of the hydrogen peroxide? Rather than straight water?

If using screen shots make sure they don’t include any personal info like comes up if your using Amazon etc…just crop stuff off pic before posting…

The HP provides oxygen in solution…not necessary but I read about using it and have ever since

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Awesome!! Thank you so much!!

Peat pots are the jiffy pots right. Ya I mostly use them to kick off then to a 1 gal or like then to final destination. But I take em out of the Jiffys cause like diver said they take forever to break down…


Here is a link to my second grow journal which has several grow cycles documented and my experiences and learning etc…

May help you avoid mistakes along the way.

First grow using Worm Poo as medium

Many other great folks here with insight and journals as well

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Yep Jiffy Brand name they made from pressed Peat…

Loco check out / look up cow pots…much better and don’t have to remove just dig the hole and plant…

I’ve always done that with either I’ve used …never have removed and all have grown fine once cutting the slices in…

Just dropped 5 lemon haze seeds in some water and HP! We will see how it goes! Heading to class and will be checking on them later tonight and again tomorrow!


Just checked them in their paper towels and all five germinated very well! Transferred them into the same seed starter I used the first time inside of the peat pot with 6 slots all around. Put all 5 seeds in the tent under light! Will keep updated!!

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Great news :+1::grinning::grinning: … we’ll be standing by to watch your girls get all grown up! Still gotta out pics up though :thinking:

Ill post some Pics when I get home! Once you drop them in the dirt how longs it usually take to pop out?

@Skydiver @MrPeat @LoCoRock here’s pics of how they looked tonight all five have popped out! The first three seem to be doing pretty well. The fourth has the shell still which I believe is why it’s growing taller. According to some research dripping some water on the shell might help it break off naturally so I sprayed the dirt around each plant just a couple sprays as it was the first time watering. And I did drip a couple drips on the taller plant with the shell. The last one is just barely poking out at the top left with the shell on still if you can fine it!! Been keeping the humidity at around 65% and daytime temp around 80. So you don’t have to do the math this would be day three in the dirt!! I’m going to label them tomorrow with some creative names so I remember which is which haha

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@LiftedLorax Congrats and let the fun begin. :+1: