Cold climate grow

Has any one tried using germination heating mats to help keep plants warm through out the grow.

I live in an area where we do see some freezing temps, but not to much or for a long time period.

I’m running led and will be running the lights at night to help combat the cold at night. But know its not going to be warm enough from them to keep temps up around the 70f mark.

Was also thinking about using a almost sealed bucket of water with a tank heater in it to try and keep the temp up. I don’t want to use heaters since they draw a lot of power and I’m trying to keep the power bill as low as I can trying this grow.

Any advice on what I can do?

Are you growing in a shed? Outdoors? Indoors? Greenhouse? Kinda need to know the environment :thinking:

Growing in a mylar tent outside. Was also thinking about lining it with mylar backed bubble wrap to help insulate it. Just wish I could bring it inside but that isn’t an option at the moment.