Colas not getting bigger 7 week in flowering

Wassup guys, I am growing in a General Hydroponic water farm. The humidity stays around 50 and the temperature stays around 70. PH stays around 6 and I also use the General Hydroponic nutrients. I am growing the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme from this site After veg for 6 weeks I switched to flower and the colas seem to be growing very slow. They have been in flower for 6 weeks. Can someone tell me if this is normal or sis I do something wrong. All the colas look like the picture attached.

According to this site I should only have 4 weeks left in flower.

Hi . I’ve had cases like this with autoflowering plants, the internodal distance gets very long and despite the buds grew to their fullest, you wouldn’t see them long, big and thick because they are not very close one to another to make the impression of a big cola. I think they may be still fattening some more, but I wouldn’t expect big and thick buds from this one, as I see it. I wish I am wrong. The strain genetics plays an important role, as well as the light used (which led lights are you using, and at what distance are they from the top of the plant?). I think you use a poor light, but I bet in this strain genetics coul make half of the issue.
Next time try to do some LST or similar on them, earlier (at the 6th week new growth stops) to get more colas and increase your yields that way. Best regards.