COLA problems at harvest

I have the last of this grow a WW that has four really nice cola’s on top of it and have 4 smaller flowers that could be COLAS if given time, maybe two weeks. My 4 big ones are loosing all of their leaves as they turn brown and die off. The smaller ones have NO sign of dying off and in fact are some of the cleanest leaves I have seen this grow. My question: Should I harvest the top colas and let the others use the light and nutes to grow or would that be too traumatic to the plant? I am not sure as I have only seen one article that said to take the tops off and let the others grow. The small ones look really healthy and are starting to get trichomes on them. The four big ones are covered with trichomes and look really nice except for all the leaves in the cola are brown and look to be dying. I just wanted to get some input from others.

Won’t hurt to try. Harvest everything else, leave the new stuff going and see what happens.

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Yes, I have had some friends that harvested that way. They used to chop the colas off when they ripened and would leave the lower buds (which actually do take a little longer to ripen) and harvest them later. Only question I would have is, “Do you have clones or any plants waiting to go in that room?”

I have no other plants to go in there now. I grow MMJ and am waiting for seeds to start my new crop. I want Blueberry and get that going. All I have is some WW seeds and have more than enough of that in my harvest to last a long time. I am going to try to cure that WW for 5-6 months and see how it goes. I have a humidor that I can use.

If I had anything waiting I would cut my losses and harvested everything. Have a small grow with not enough room to have a veg room. I want to get that going with a small tent (maybe 2x2) as I might be able to squeeze that in. I would love to have a mother plant of Blueberry to keep growing off!

You could re-veg that plant and have another yield in 2.5 months or so. Maybe

That is one thing I am trying to decide, to take all the buds and re-veg or leave the smaller buds to grow up and then harvest them. If I try to let the buds get bigger, how should I handle the nitrogen issue with it already flowering? Do I give some nitrogen with the micro and bloom or just micro and bloom? Thanks for your input!

When I reveg; I never go out of 12/12. Stay with bloom nutrients (better for roots). This may sound strange,but I have kept a soil plant in the flower room for 4-5 harvests.

Plant is already mature and vegged. No need to veg; Just make sure to leave as much foliage as possible. The foliage will allow new buds to form.

I had a blast when I did this a couple years ago. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, you convinced me. Since I do not have any plants set up to grow and am awaiting seeds, maybe the would be another thing I could try that comes in handy later. Maybe I’ll start a grow profile on this and someone else can learn something too. I’m on it !

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Very interesting latewood, I was struggling with that very thing on my next grow, how long to leave clones, in the grow phase. So you have no grow phase with clones from a mother plant?