Cola bent over, but didn't break off

Like an idiot I didn’t have my plant staked. One of my colas bent over, but didn’t break off. I staked it and tied back up straight. I’m just about to the flushing stage. I’ve got some trichs that are turning amber. Should I harvest that cola or go ahead and flush and then harvest? I raise in soil and feed nutes.

These plants are damn hardy I have broken limbs to the point less than 20% was still attached and watched my plant repair it like nothing happened so don’t panic you may be surprised.

I appreciate you getting back to me on that question. I guess I’ll go ahead and let her get a few more amber trichs before I start flushing. Thanks again.

Just take some electricians tape (or even scotch tape) and cover the area to support it. You are flushing now, how long before you harvest? If it is just a few days to a week, should be no problem. I broke one main stem and supported it during VEG and it went all the way through to finish with no problems. Just watch it and if it looks distressed, just harvest it early. Like DonaldJ said, these plants are hardy and you should have no problems at all.

Good luck

Appreciate the post. Thanks.

I didn’t even bother with the tape within 2 days it was facing back up on it’s own mind you it was during veg and I was doing LST at the time so didn’t want my canopy uneven lol.