Cohlas turning bright yellow

Hi there just a quiet question for those with more experience. I set my clocks back to 12/12 a eeek who. Plants have begin to shoot up s bit. They look super healthy but the new growth at the top is suddenly bright yellow. They do get fed with nitrogen so I just don’t think they are lacking. This sudden change seems odd

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Sounds like maybe they’re just growing faster than the plant can produce chlorophyll. Have any pics?

Well I was typing from an iPhone so pardon all the misspelling!
I think you might be right on the chlorophyll because the plants look super

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I’ve had a few grow so fast that the new growth took a while to darken. I have one right now that’s growing so quickly I thought it had hermied. The growth tips are bunched together so tightly it looked like pollen sacks forming.

Those are pre flowers, she is getting ready to bloom! Totally normal to see super light green buttons on the tops✌