COFFEE who likes it?

Just curious, I’ve always heard coffee grounds were good for flowers & gardens. Had any one ever used it in their grow medium for weed? I grow in coco & perlite, thanks.

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I don’t know much about usage of grounds in hydroponics but I have thrown used coffee grounds into water to make somewhat of a tea and then strain the grounds out and with corrected ph and fed that to my plant. My plants loved it.

I know a lot of people use coffee grounds in their compost and etc.

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This would probably be most applicable use.


Google it. There was a study done where they grew plants with different amounts of coffee grounds added. Bottom line, the more grinds added the smaller the plants. Looked like legit study but not all plants will react the same.

It made them smaller? Wonder why ?

Not much in leached out coffee grounds. Likely that’s why.

I have used coffee grounds in gardens and veggie gardens. It does help. Remember it will more than likely to produce more nitrogen. As it compost naturally. :+1:

I can’t see it helping in Hydro. But who knows.

@MrPeat, Yep, agree with you. Been making my own compost for years, coffee grounds are good. And, I love coffee in the mornings, afternoon and nights, lol.

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I have traveled all around the World in search of good coffee. Been drinking it since I was a kid.

Love drinking coffee.

I use the spent grounds/pucks in my compost.