Cocoa to promix?

Hey quick question.

Can I go from a two gallon cocoa medium to a 7 gallon promix medium?

I don’t think I’ll have the time to feed cocoa everyday and I think promix would be easier. Once it’s established in promix can I feed normally (when it dries out ever third day usually) or do I have to take in account the cocoa that’s already there.



Yes you can, but promix needs to be watered just as often as coco. Especially in flowering.


Thank you

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I’d say even more often than coco.


I added a bit (about 20%) of composted manure or worm castings last year and started watering every other day or so with a good soak every week or so. I also started using dry amendments. Amend the soil for transplant and top dress every month. Plain water going in.

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