Coco vs coco and perlite

Hello team

Autopot recomoneds a 50/50 medium mix of a medium and something like perlite or clay balls etc.

I’m running a 2v2 clone test in a grow. Journal. Over here

I will. Summerize the results there and here eventually.
However I turned the system on a bit early for the clones as they were big but hadn’t grown enough roots. So things are gojng a bit slow as of right now.


Rookie question!!! Do you have a recommendation for a brand of coco and perlite?

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This is what I’ve been using.


Any will do as long as the coco is washed and buffed which all but reptile stuff is.

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Do you rinse that off before mixing in? I’ve been using Vigoro and have to rinse all the chalky white dusty stuff out.

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I use

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Biobizz claims that the coco is already buffered to a neutral PH. As far as the perlite no I haven’t rinsed it. I mix the pearlite with the coco at about 70-30 coco/perlite and layer the bottom of the pot with about 1-1/2" of just perlite.

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