Coco PH & Moisture control

First off, thanks to everyone who has given me tips thus far. I restarted my process after overwatering the first round due to improper planning. My concern now is just maintaining pH. It shoots up to 7 sometimes after staying steady in the 5.5-6 range.

I also have concerns on moisture of soil. One pot would be dry while the other a little too moist.

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Shoot for 6.0 all the time and like to keep my plants slightly moist. If you are in fabric pots and coco, its nearly impossible to overwater

thanks! Iā€™m switching over today. seedlings both started their first set of leaves. actually setting up my coco now in fabric pots to transport over.

do you normally mist yours to keep em moist?

I dome my seedlings until they have a couple sets of leaves.i do mist them a few times per day. I advise against transplanting this soon tbh. They are still very delicate.

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