Coco/perlite; should I feed every week?

Hey guys,

This is my first grow with coco/perlite and I’m a little confused about feeding and watering with this particular medium.

Here’s my setup;
I’m currently growing 3 plants in 5 gallon smart pots with a 50/50 mix of coco/perlite.
It’s day 18 veg and they’re under a 400w MH in a 4x4 tent. Humidity is 60% and temps stay around mid 70s.
Watering PPM: 136
Feeding PPM: 425
Water pH: 5.8
Nutes: FloraTrio + Ca-Mg

Here’s my question; I have been watering 2 gallons per plant every 7 days. My regimen is FWFW, so the plants get fed their base nutrients every other week. Do I need to feed them every week? If I feed every week, this means I’ll have to water every 3-4 days instead of the usual 7 days. The reason I wait 7 days is because that’s when the medium actually begins to feel dry. If I wait any less than 7 days, the medium feels soaked and I don’t water because I’m afraid to overwater.

Is it normal to wait 7 days in between waterings?
Can I just add in an extra watering during the week in order to avoid salt build up in the medium?

Any responses much appreciated!

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It’s perfectly normal :+1::ok_hand: They will need more watering as they get older and bigger :wink: Stick to your schedule for now, and keep the good work by checking the moisture like you did , your babies gone a tell you when they are thirsty and need upgrape nutrients, if you notice a slow in growth, just put more nutrients (follow the schedule from GH) and every thing is gone a be good

Ô and by the way, your plants are very healty looking :+1::ok_hand:@LST


Yes you call

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Thank you for the response! I will just keep doing what I’m doing then.

You’re welcome @LST :innocent: It’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower :grinning::+1::v::innocent:

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@LST, the simple answer is this .yes i would feed at every watering .when using the ppm

levels your using . as to when to water. water only when the planter’s start to feel light and dry .

air pots or not .



those girls look happy and healthy @LST!

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Thank you! I appreciate your help.

Thank you!