Coco or dwc and scrog

Hello there I’m from Australia want asking fews questions please…I’m being grow in soil.I’m want try a coco or dwc and using scrog method…what a best for I’m grow please…thankyou

I’ve never grown with dwc, but I do grow in coco. That’s my preference

@Cheyenne have u done a scrog over soil before? I wouldnt do 1 over dwc unless you desighn it so that u can change out the water.

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@Saffa Yeah I’m use a scrog in soil…
I just want a try for dwc but still not sure yet about that…

You cant really scrog a DWC without planning how you will pull-off bucket changes. I just zip tied 4x24" poles to the inside of netpot

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I still little bit confused if dwc use a scrog because will be more complicated for look after…being grow in soil and use a scorg.@boardsbird

I’ve never used coco, but with just water I can just beat and train them and never worry about getting small plants “2 autoflowers fill a 4x4 tent” the photo above is my 3x3 training tent, my 4x4 flower tent is a jungle not suitable for a online