Coco loco and Jacks 321 nutes

I think it was may super soil peat based mix but only @30% and then @70% course coco/perlite. The courseness of the coco prompted me to add the soil for a more stable footing for the seedlings if that makes sense.

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Here they are now. I chose to repot them in final 3 and 4 gal. Pots of Coco Loco. All, even late sprouter looks better. Feeding 1/2 dose Jacks part A pHed to 6.3. Three will go out and three in the tent.

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Update: Topped the NLights auto yesterday. Never slowed‘r down. I’ll give the others a few more days except the late sprouter. leaving that one alone…maybe! They are all stuffed into my 20x36” tent under 2-100w LEDs running at @75%,
using light doses of Jacks 321 in CocoLoco.


Looking good Brother. I’ve grown quite a few and prefer the FF coco loco over their other mediums. I start feeding around week 4 using the coco loco and found the PPMS are usually around 800… every bag can be different though. Nice job on these and the topping :love_you_gesture:

Thanks OG! I’ll top three more today or tomorrow. The little one will just do what it can out in the garden starting June 1st or so.

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