Coco Growers- do you add Langbeinite, Gypsum or other minerals?

Research done on medical hemp hmm that’s a big Ole red flag , new generations of cannabis are a weird beast compared to what researchers are allowed to use

Yep peat, vermiculite, dolomite lime, gypsum and peters peat special 20-10-20. That is why I am thinking it is not a bad idea to add Langbeinite and Gypsum upfront after rinsing and buffering w/ calmag. I rinse & screen to remove the coco dust and fines. I like a coarser substrate.


Negative. One full strength feeding of jacks hydroponic blend bag recipe to healthy amount of runoff day or two prior to planting. Nothing else.


Okay just playing Bruce knows what he’s doing he’s the top researcher on this topic world wide.


Coco or coco mixed with vermiculite /perlite with a silica addative and a full nutrient like Jack’s 321 and then a topped off with a beneficial bacteria like fishshit, tribus or voodoo juice and your set.

I have not ran Bruce’s recipe but I would like to I trust him, it’s hard when your already set up and have something else mastered that yeilds and grows so well.


That is the same conclusion I came to. As they say “leave well enough alone” or “don’t F up a good thing”.
Coco with perlite, Jack’s 321, silica and voodoo juice.
Thanks for the feedback, confirmation

I guess that is why coco’s low CEC is offset or in essence, is a beneficiary of, frequent fertigation.

Yes and it is altered by manufacturers of coco hence their pre buffing that’s why it’s important to know the product your using.

I know voodoo works but u haven’t compared it to fishshit I am beyond blown away by fishshit. So if your able to compare I suggest you try it.

Also remember silica goes first then you PH then every thing else in the right order lol

I now add wollastonite in my coco for the silica. Don’t have to worry about expensive and sometimes troublesome nute additives, and gives a pretty substantial amount of silica delivered throughout the entire grow. The Bugbee video I think has been updated a bit in his cannabis cultivation course that started not long ago. Learned so much from it so far.

As for high thc cannabis versus medical cannabis, he also goes over that. Not really different at all genetically, nor on what they’re finding in terms of nutrient requirements. But it’s also a consistent message that people should do what works for them.

i have a supply of voodoo left but will certainly give fish sht a go
I use Growit and or Canna coco from bricks. both are supposed to be rinsed and buffered. Do you have to ask directly about CEC? I have not seen that published related to either product.

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You do have to email them to ask for CEC.

Really canna you have to rinse? I could have swore they said you don’t…
Edit. Yeah, see they are good to go.

I rinse through a sieve to get rid of some of the finer pith. It is just me.

The whole ocean grown crew uses Cana right out of the bag they also use thier nutrients.I use Mother Earth bricks so I buffer with cal mag also use jacks. Recharge and silica been very happy with results I only use cal mag when plants tell me in flower I don’t want to add all that nitrogen that’s why instead of using more of jacks calcium nitrate I prefer cal mag because it only has a n level of one not 15✌️

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I just hydrate my bricks with full strength jacks and tribus. Even place my seeds in directly from dry storage. I use silica blast throughout grow and signal in flower. Canna coco is my coco, very soft and drains excellently. Wouldn’t add perlite to it. As always. Gotta find what works best for you. Happy growing!

Haven’t tried fish sh!t. But this was my first test subject for tribus and in coco. Was in a solo cup about a month ish ago.

Soil with no tribus. About the same amount of time. Above is this ones clone.

I’ve never used coco before but I do use Langbeinite and gypsum on a regular basis. I use both in my initial homemade mix and add more before flower and about half way through. They are both gentle on the plants and shouldn’t cause any nute burn. Someone was talking about silica. I use green sand for that.

Not sure this is any help.

Reading how much everyone has to ph makes my glad that went with organic growing. Never have to worry about ph growing with a super soil or living soil. That’s a big reason why I went that route.

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I started heading down that organic living soil route. That is why I have Langbeinite, greensand, gypsum, bone and blood meal, humic acid etc etc. Got persuaded to try coco and Jack’s. So much for organic living soils. I’ll use this stuff in my garden and flower beds.

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Does this make sense to you? And, is it OK to use?
I prepared two bricks of canna coco. I hydrated and rinsed with tap water to remove the finer particles. The water has a ph of 7.8 with ppms of 220.
I put the hydrated coco in 3 gallon and 5 gallon fabric pots. Squeezed out the excess water and allowed to dry out a couple of days. Prepared buffering and nutrient solution to soak the coco in.
150% doze of calmag, 50% strength dose of jack’s however I did increase epsom salt and cal nitrate 10%.
This solution had a ph of 6.4 and 1060 ppm. Soaked the coco for 24 hrs and returned to fabric pots. Again, squeezed out excess water and then mixed in perlite at approx 50% by volume.

This morning I thought I should do a slurry (dehumidified water - zero ppm) to see where the mix is at.
The ph was higher than I expected at 6.9 and ppm only 70.

I need to up pot seven purple haze clones. I will be using 1 gallon transplanters. To counter act the coco’s high ph I plan to flush (really flood) the transplants with 5.8 ph 'd calmag & jack’s solution at 1000ppm.

Sound like appropriate action? As you can see I am having issues with the clones.

As far as I can tell it is magnesium and or calcium deficiencies. I am not sure how this can be given I have increased cal nitrate and epsom salt. Also given calmag regularly. I checked the runoff of 3 plants prior to transplanting

5.9 300
6.3 430
5.9 560

The plant with 6.3 ph actually looks the best of the three.
Any help will be appreciated. My seedlings and clones seem to have a rough start in coco and jacks. I know it is me because I am learning. @Nicky @Not2SureYet @Myfriendis410 @Hellraiser @dbrn32 @AfgVet thanks


That is a lot more work than I do. I just hydrate the coco, fill a pot and rinse it good. I let it sit over night and put the plant I want in, in the morning. When I make my Jack’s up. I do it at 1.4g for the epsom. And that is it. I fed each day and that charges mine good enough. Some times I have to up the epsom a touch. But that is no big deal. Don’t worry about the ph run of so much in Jacks. it is always high. I will add a splash of the cal mag here and there if I think I may need a little more since I take my Jacks from one of the reservoirs.
It looks like you are on the way :grin: Time for me to go feed real quick


You had a good plan just a couple mis steps from my perspective.

Canna coco doesn’t need to buffed or rinsed, I would have just planted the clones in the coco and wster with full feed @ 5.8 ph.

However if you do want to prep the pots then the tap water with 7.8 PH is the first mess up (jacked the pg of the medium)
Then your buffer solution had a PH of 6.4 which again should be 5.8

So you seem to be forgetting that the PH for coco is 5.5-6 with a aim at 5.8

I agree with bumping the Epson salts but no need to touch cal mag I don’t think. 1.5-1.8g per gallon is what I think we been doing.

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I figured my tap water rinse messed it up to begin with. From now on hydrate with ph 5.8 - 5.9 water and be done. If I want to get rid the fines I can dry sieve it. Must be some OCD in me.
After I transplant, will skip the calmag but still give a good wash with Jacks
thanks again

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This is what I was thinking. I buy the loose bags, so maybe slightly different. But I literally just pour full strength jacks through the pot until I have a decent amount of runoff, then call it good. No checking, testing, or worrying.

@beardless If I typed it once here, I’ve probably typed it 100 times. Imo there is no place for plain water with coco. Maybe to flush issue away, but then should be followed with feeding. Also makes no sense to have calmag with jacks. You have a bag of calcium nitrate and a bag of magnesium sulfate. Trying to force one with the others is just unnecessary work and opening doors to potentially lockout another element.