Coco Coir turning Green

That’s odd. Hemp is Cannabis. There aren’t any morphological differences that distinguish it from the rest of Cannabis Sativa.


So my dumb ass forgot to mention it’s in its seedling stage still I guess. Doesn’t help I’m high af as well :joy:

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Stringy. Also gmo hemp has shown even stringier strains when altered. Since they want the long strands to create more strength when twisted. The whole playing God thing changes things. I’m not a big supporter of GMO,but I don’t see being detrimental to us as humans. Just to the overall genetics of the plants and what they would naturally evolve under the right conditions. Conditioning plants seems a much safer route, just like we domesticated the wolf.
Just don’t get me started on the sad animal called a pug. Who would want their animal to have life long respiratory issues?


For reference I planted it on 04/23

This is a cannabis seedling that I photographed.

Where did you get the seed ?

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Hemp is traditionally grown for fiber, but also for seed. More recently, hemp has been grown for medicinal purposes; perhaps it was used in traditional herbal remedies too.

But again, there are no morphological differences between hemp and drug-type cannabis. What distinguishes them is the chemicals they produce. Hemp is just a legal distinction between cannabis that produces >.3% THC and those that produce <.3% THC.

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Doesn’t look like any cannabis I’ve ever seen. Kinda weird its a single sprout right there in center of pot though.


These are gmo hemp.

Doesn’t look like what I grow

I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps we should table this to let the OP get the attention they need.

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I know, my fault. But as I said. All they can do is wait and see what becomes of it. If it’s in the location of where they dropped the seed then it must be what sprouted from it. Personally I’d dig down to the roots and see myself. I’ve killed a plant doing this, was my best plant despite that. Went from laying in my hand with no roots to already being harvested while I have weeks on plants the same age and others flipped the same day. There’s a lot to learn about this plant, that’s for sure. Only thing that keeps me coming back.i don’t feel I can help more than other by a long shot, but we can all learn together.

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I don’t agree with this statement. I’m eager to see a proper picture.

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You need to get right on top of the plant so we can see what the hell that is. I’ve never seen a cannabis plants like this. And there are some crazy genetics out there lol

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Inquiring minds want to know!!



Looks like a blade of grass!

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This is the best picture I can take of the plant

Well I’m glad my first response was right

I thought I was gonna look crazy when I said something looked very wrong

About the plant being weed? It has to be since I bought them from ILGM.

I’m seriously wondering if you’re seed is still down there doing nothing and that sprout is just a contaminate that got in soil at some point

That is exactly where I planted the seed, I am just wondering if it needs more time to grow, I am sure I’ll be able to save it in the same pot that its in.