Coco Coir turning Green

Hi All,

This auto flower is in its 3rd week of growing. There are little green spots in the coco coir not sure if it’s algae on the Perlite or not and I’m also worried about the length of the plant. It is a sour diesel auto flower and I’m not sure when it will start growing taller since it’s in the 3rd week. I ended up just putting the seed in the final pot to avoid any shock in the plant for transplanting. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you get a close up from above

I’m a noob but at this distance that thing doesn’t look right at all to me

I could be wrong and hope it’s just the angle

Are you giving nutes?

Gonna need experience here. Doesn’t even look like cannabis to me. @dbrn32 @KeystoneCops @Nicky @Myfriendis410 @Hellraiser

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Here is another picture and yes I’m using fox farms trio, along with cal mag, and root booster.

I got the seeds from this website so it should be cannabis.

I’m sure it is, I just have no experience in coco. My dog’s name is coco but beyond that… heh. I tagged some of the best and known coco growers and overall knowledgeable growers. You’ll have help soon.

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Narrator: It was in fact algae. And also, the OP was not growing cannabis, as he had planned.


I’m still confused as if I can save this little girl or not.

She is still green-ish so she can probably be salvaged

I’m in agreement. I would like to see a much clearer picture before calling it decisively, but I see a monocot, which leads me to believe this isn’t in the cannabis family.

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Looks like grass, to my untrained eye but if you got it here it should be weed

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Is this picture any better?

It is just starting to grow its third set of leaves

Is that even weed or am I just that noobish

Could it be that his seed didn’t sprout but grass got in soil at some point and happened to sprout?

I still can’t see it clearly. Can you hold your phone about 4-5” (the height of your phone) from the plant and tap the screen to prefocus on the plant? Try to hold the phone really steady too, which you seem to be doing already.

You’re calling the medium Coco Coir, but exactly what source did you use? I don’t see any perlite.

Let’s be cautious until we get a clear picture, and keep in mind that some plants will do weird things once in a while.

It could be an errant seed from some unknown source, or it could be the cannabis seed. Once they pull it out of the medium there’s no going back.

I used Verdana Coco Coir along with a little bit of perlite which must be sitting in the bottom of the pot. Here is the best picture I was able to take of it.

Right, I want it to be very clear that I am new to this and anything I say should be treated as if a 3 y/o said it

It could be right but only cause I don’t know any better bless my heart


My first plant was very tall at this point, could it be the fact that I just planted it in its final pot instead of a smaller one?

This is what we need to see @gcsnorth

Lmfaoooo I’m dien right now. Maybe it’s just cause I’m stoned but that has me dien :skull: :joy:


Looks like hemp from my research. Only thing reasonable would just be to wait and see what happens. Maybe it’s just showing hemp traits for some unknown reason. Hemp/cannabis/tomatoes. They all look similair but largely different. They all look the same in early vegetation. Different sprouts and flowering though. To an untrained eye a bunch of young tomato plants look like cannabis and ■■■■ versa

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