Coco coir questions

I am just about ready to start my first grow. I will be growing autos in a coco/perlite mix. Coco still has to be expanded and mixed with the perlite. Is there anything I should know before hand such as flushing or buffering the media before I drop seeds? Any advice/suggestions are welcomed. As of now I have the understanding that I can expand the coco with regular water mix the perlite and feed ph’d (5.8-6.0) water once seeds are dropped until first few sets of leaves which is then when I start feeding nutes. I also have cal/mag so should I add some to the coco before seeds are dropped? Please lmk what you guys think.

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Some coco is washed. Best to find out what yours will need. Perlite should be washed too.

Start your seeds in VERY slightly damp coco in a Solo cup full of holes, use a clear one for a dome and mist the dome with distilled water until tap root forms. Then into final pot. Coco is a fine media for seedlings too. If you use distilled water in the beginning (Wally World) you don’t need to PH (makes things easy). Once you start adding nutes you will have to adjust but there’s nothing in Distilled or R/O water to drive the PH.

Run your seedlings under 24/0 lighting for first two weeks then back down to an 18/6 or similar. Plants like some dark time to move nutrients and do some growth.


Thank you for the advice. Might be a stupid question but I don’t think that it’s prewashed… so to wash the coco would it be ok to flush it with water then let it dry completely? @Myfriendis410


Yup. You can look up the product on line and it may tell you. If it’s loose it’s likely washed. If it’s a brick it might not be. I’ve always bought the pre washed stuff myself. The perlite was a surprise as it has sediment like toothpaste.


@Myfriendis410 ok thanks a lot that’s good to know