Coco Coir ***Please read me if you are new to Coco***

Yea it was dry in pic. Refreshing auto watering water. She’s wet below, I usually heavy water 2x week and let the auto waterer do it the rest of the time on a timer every 4hours for 30sec. Maybe need to do that more often, just afraid to nute burn or root rot. Learning curve🙃
Thanks for info.

Those girls look hungry. I’d recommend feeding full strength nutes ph 5.8-6. I drench my plants twice a day in veg and 3 times a day in flower. I use jacks 321 and my ppms are 900-1000. Are you getting runoff at each feeding? @SunShineDaydream

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Ph is probably way outta range and they look thirsty. Cant let coco dry back like that. Make sure your watering enough for it to come out the bottom


Coco becomes hydrophobic when dried out and resists liquid permeating the media. Coco needs to be watered daily.


Coco you can add 1 liter every other day and you will need calmag or seaweed extract plus .

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Thx I use CalMag plus in daily watering.

It’s watered daily but at root level, I have a drip system set up…my hubby fiddled with stuff and didn’t plug my waterer back in so hence sad/hungry girls😟

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That I am not doing…shall implement. Thx for info.

So, I was feeding at 800-910ppm but they were getting significant nute burn. I backed off to around 550-680ppm per canna line schedule, and they looked good for about a minute. Guess maybe try to pump them back up to 800 range.

Low RH in veg will increase moisture uptake which of course brings up salts (there are a bunch of VPD charts on the interweb). This can show as nute burn. Your media could also be ready to flush if your runoff TDS calls for it. Something in coco that is wise to keep track of.

Letting coco dry will cause salt build which will raise your ppm and mess with your ph and that can lead to nute burn. That’s why when you water you always want 20% of what you put in to come out the bottom each time you water. Keep it wet :+1:

Fairly new grower here. My bottom fan leaves jus the single leaf,the edges turned yellow n I jus hit my 3 week veg state any solution I thought maybe overwatered but I would like someone’s advice

ran into the same issue with coco being a new grower and all. you need to feed every day. I am doing a journal on here about it. as you can see below, the progress i am at now from where i started when i was losing her. Thanks to a bunch of great people on here helped me save her.

Day 20

Day 42

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Learn to water from the bottom running Coco 5.7-6.2 should be a sweet spot ph level in between those number 5.7 ph - 6.2 ph and water from the bottom pour a liter of ph water or nutrient brew and they will get happy quick. :blush:

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Gonna drop the charts. To use them 100% accurately you need to take an avg leaf temp minus room temp. Which tells you which chart to use (top left).

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Facts :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: