Coco coir growing media

Strain; Type, , or 2 plant gold leaf indica 2 plants trainwreck sativa all from feminized seeds Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? System type? coco Greentree no float
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
Indoor or Outdoor Light system, size? indoor 600 watt led
Temps; Day, Night 77-81
Humidity; Day, Night 50%- 60%
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size Yes 8" dk hp should be big enough
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, yes
Co2; , homegrown exhale co2 bag

I am on my second grow and started using GreenTree coco no float. plants are 2 weeks old. I have read that most coco coir media needs a cal-mag supplement…is this true even if it has been buffered. when should I start nutes or should I be already?


Anything other then soil is going to need , calmag and a silica. I grow in soil and coco. I only give calmag or silica if needed.


I’m with @Wishingilivedina420state: if it’s buffered then use your nute schedule. Remember to flush at least 3 times during the grow using coco.

You won’t need to feed the seedlings until the first two leaves start to yellow. You should be on your 3rd or 4th set of true leaves by then. 1/4 strength to start.


And that 3 times is just for veg . Works out to about every 2-3 weeks she needs a flush, same in flower every 2-3 weeks.

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why should it be flushed? flush with distilled water?

Coco has a tendency to retain toxic salts that must be flushed periodically.

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Plus, every time you feed or water you want at least 10% runoff. I’m more like 20%. Mine is a feed feed water rest repeat cycle.

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ok thx so like once a month with couple gallons of water?

Yes I agree 10-20% run off , I use the same feed, feed water myself at 1/2 strength and I love it, it’s a bit more work but my plants look great.

sweet thx for the info

They certainly do! You cost me money! Waiting on those Girl Scout Cookie Extreme feminized to arrive. …

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No , every 2-3 weeks with Chemical flush something like Foxfarm sledge hammer flush.

I’m not really a fan of them anymore,

ok I started me seeds in the coco and like I said are 2 1/2weeks old .should I flush now have only fed with tap water. or is that only after feeding nutes thx again

Ph 5.5 to 5.8 tap water that has been left out for 24 hours. Ph just before use.

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I’m getting ready to go coco, and will buying as soon as I get some info here. Here’s the info:
4X4X80 tent
1000 - LED
MHS Light 600
No inline fans yet, probably in two weeks

My first coco grow, but 15-20th soil grow in earth bags, using humboldt’s organics and foxfarm. I tried to SCROG, but I’m not able to give it theproper attention, so I going to use 4 to 6 4gal earth bags, hoping the small size will make dealing with run off much easier while I learn how to stay on top it.

I was planning on using hydro pebbles, but heard about people pouring a layer of perlite on top of the coco to keep gnats back. Why perlite?
Also, I keep hearing about how big plants are growing, but does it really speed up the time of harvest, or is it basically beefing up the plants as they go through the time?

I’d like to use a drip system if possible, but it would also require me to get a rain container of some sort to put just outside the tent. Would love to hear suggestions.


No you only need to flush after feeding nutes for 2-3 weeks.

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this is for regular waterings or for flush? why so low ph I thought ph insoil should be 6.3. Is it different for coco

“feed feed water rest repeat cycle”

Is that feed two days, only water on 3rd day and nothing the 4th day? How much should go in if my container is 5 gallons? I didn’t know about runoff and flush :confused: How does that work… lots and lots of water?

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@rasta1, @GreenThunder, @tbiapt23, I’ll try to answer what I can lol.

The perlite is used because it retains no water. That’s all. A drip system is fine but is not maintenance free. You will still have to monitor and adjust ph daily.

The ph for soil is nominally 6.5 and hydro 5.8. Coco is hydro.

Feed Monday, Tuesday, water Wednesday, rest Thursday, feed Friday and Saturday etc. I’m guessing to water to runoff you need 3 gallons of water. So just mix enough to runoff every time. Flush is 3 times the pot volume so not too bad. Do the flush for your water-only cycle and continue with your schedule.

Hope that helps!

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