Coco coir and pure blend pro grow

I have two big plants not really big but about almost 2 feet in veg I threw it into flower for 3 days already I didn’t leave it in the dark for 24 hours but I checked on one of them and I saw this I didn’t water at all to fix it I looked at her again and saw nothing

I could not understand your question.

I’m asking what could it be she’s already purplish since she was smaller I tried everything it can’t be potassium or phosphorus

When you say ,I saw this, I don’t know what you are looking at. From your pic your plant looks healthy.

U don’t see the edges of the leaves

Oh, I thought it was light tricking me. I had that all over my leaves. A ph pen for better control and added miccorizae"think I spelled it wrong" to the dirt and within under a week they were back to evenly colored. A week after that they were lovin’ it.

After harvest I checked the roots to find that the roots in the center of the container were thin and the newer roots were thicker.

How is it spelled and can I use it in coco and how do I put to flower

It is spelled mycorrhizae. It is a beneficial fungi that grows near roots and make nutrients in the soil much easier for the plant to use.

Yes, you can mix with water and pour in the plant pot. I also poor this in the catch tray to get it to the bottom also.coco is fine.

Give your plant 12 hours of “complete” darkness per day and watch the magic happen.

Sorry so many, for 15 - 20 bucks you can buy a timer. In case you don’t have one already.

It’s OK and I have one set already what pH meter do you recommend that gives accurate readings

I’ve been using a Blue Labs brand pen. It’s super easy to use and accurate. A little pricey though. Life was real tough without it though. Around one hundred bucks.

What’s the name of it I’ll definitely look into it Ive already changed light cycle two days ago maybe a day ago I’m just waiting to see either white hairs or pollen sacks I just got my flora nova bloom but Idk how much to give to be honest

How long does it take to show flowers or signs I know my small one showed me signs in veg her sex but this is my first time flowering I just feed flora nova today ppm said 800 and some change is that bad

Well, I’ve never dealt with ppm’s but if your plants are growing fast when you cut back their hours of light I’m guessing you’re going to see hairs in seven to twelve days.

OK no problem

Hey so my babies are flowering but my big one was green now my fan leaves stem are turning red and so is my small plant what could it be I have pictures

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Some strains color like that. I’ve read that could be a deficiency. I have six three week olds some have that and some don’t. When plants change over to flower they concentrate on a different combination of nutes. I’m not real good at diagnosis yet.