Coco coir and perlite


I use house and gardens coco. I feed once a day. Minimal run off. Once a week I water heavy to flush out salts. I save on nutrients that way. My last watering I gave almost double the base muted recommended dosage with no ill effects.


@mulch, how much of the drip clean do you use per gallon? This is the first I have heard of this. I use coco as well. Might be worth looking into for me :grin:


A couple of things:

You would be better off to purchase a decent sized dehumidifier for your grow space as it will reduce RH and increase the temps. You will get a lot of mileage out of it; trust me.

Coco is a great media but it’s treated more like hydro than soil as far as feeding regimen. You should be using something suitable for hydro like FF trio or GH Flora series etc. If using things like worm castings or blood meal it’s better to make tea out of it. I believe you would be courting problems if you are a new grower trying to chase problems the whole time. Better stay with a nute line made for MJ. At least until you get salty.

PH to hydro levels and use a good digital PH meter; there is nothing more important than correct PH.

Coco tends to retain salts so flushing periodically is recommended.

Epsom salts are fine if you have issues with municipal water but if your TDS is above 250 ppm then it’s probably not necessary.


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Amen, Brother, Amen.