Coco and seedlings

First time growing In coco. Seedling came out of coco 7 days ago. One plant is going on it’s 3rd node, three are still an inch tall. All plants leaves are lighter than normal. I flushed one today. I washed coco before planting I’ve fed 1/4 strength nutrients 2 times. No cal mag. What do I do please help

Stop watering and let them dry out a bit

You should always be watering with CalMag. Anyway, what ratio of perlite did you use?


I also found a big dip in PH with some coco which tends to stall seedlings.

Did you buffer the coco with cal-mag before starting? Was it pre buffered? Cal-mag is necessary when growing in coco and needs to be used every watering/feeding. You need to use the feeding chart which comes with your nutrients. Start with cal mag, add the nutrients as suggested, then adjust pH. Check your ppm and if they are higher then suggested by feed schedule dilute your feeding with cal-mag water until you reach your desired ppm. Feed frequently and just enough to get some runoff. The frequency can be as often as several times a day.

It is really hard to overwater with coco so don’t stop watering, the plant isn’t harmed.

Picture , and it does sound like plant is hungry , as far my knowledge goes coco have no macro or micro nutrients, so make sure you are feeding them properly for the medium you are using , and ph should be important to verify since might be an uptake problem

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That surprises me. How were you gauging that?

I start out with 3-4 watering events per day, which might be why I haven’t encountered this. Also, we are likely buying different coco, and perhaps there’s a significant difference there.


Took a sample and did a slurry test. IIRC it came out in the mid 4’s. Roots Organics coco was what I had. Maybe some organic material decayed while mixed with the coco; who knows?

Probably not a bad idea for all of us to test our base media for PH. Hmmmm…


Were you using any biological additives? Are you certain it wasn’t reservoir pH change?

Nah; fresh coco out of the bag into a Solo cup for the seedling.

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I mixed in worm castings and what I feel was alot of perlite but the coco feels like maybe I should have put more here is some pics of progress. Idk why the leaves are broiling down today I fed lastnight. But I looks like over watering. I still haven’t watered to runoff yet. Why are the leafs looking all droopy and frail?! I use cal-mag every water and feeding with advanced nutrients coco connoisseur part A and Pant B. Ph 5.9-6.1IMG_20210214_211653910_HDR|375x500

The pots maybe a lil too big for them and the excess moisture in them is too much, bigger pots for lil seedlings tend to have this issue, let them dry out and try watering around the edges of the medium so as to let the roots search for the water

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![IMG_20210316_120258803|375x500](upload://7oKi4ocjQP3dUurYLthe shinny dots are neem oil

I grow in Coco and use grow bags. it is very hard to overwater in Coco. I also use Jacks 3-2-1 formula and feed daily. I transplant mine from little peat cups to the 5Gal bags while they are very young. After a few days for the roots to pop through the sides and bottom of the peat pot its Katy bar the door. I have to raise the lights every couple of days they grow so fast

@jetlag @Randy_Marsh @T80gray @Watt-Sun I was using coco connoisseur perfect ph. But I fallowed the feeding chart to the T and I burned my plants. Then I flushed them and I’m using nuke heads now it’s a powder 2 part.

have u heard of them? Anyway my stalks and stems have red and purple streaks and I tried a epsom salt folier spray on this runt. It was a seed that popped last and was drooping from the start. I sprayed it and one other. I don’t think the runts going to pull through and I’m almost through week one of flower. one out of five W.W. are stretching the others l are and a stand still. Any one know what I should do? Cal-Mag a good amount on next water? Try more epsom salt next week?

@jetlag dDonu use straight coco or a mix? If so what would that be

I use a Coco/perlite mix, 70/30 called Mother Earth Pro Mixed Coco Coir Plus Perlite Potting Soil Compaction Resisted Cocoa Growing Medium High Aeration and Drainage Coco Coir Blend Soil, [Bundled with Garden Gloves], 50 Liters. it is ready to go and all I do before planting is buffer it with Cal-Mag. I run a couple of gallons of water through it with a couple of days before transplanting. Once transplanted I seldom ever have to use Cal-Mag again, as the Jacks formula has Calcium Magnesium in it. The 50L bag at Amazon is $37

How often are you feeding them?