Coco and ebb n flow

I currently use flood table with net posts and clay pellets.
Thinking about coco and perlite in smart pots. I guessing that I would have to cut back on watering times but I’m unsure about ppm with nutrients.

Soon I will have a separate veg and flower room so I’m thinking g that the smart pots will be easier to move

So any input would be very appreciated


@Bogleg runs ebb & flow.

I wouldn’t really think your nutrients would be too much different. Coco is inert just like hydroton right?

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I believe it is like hydroton but I think it may not dry out as quickly.

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Yup. So similar concentration, you probably have to apply less frequently.

I ran my tray the same way as you last grow, but I keep all my moms in coco/perlite.

I feed coco plants the same. I have to say I have been considering the same route as you - one gallon cloth pots with coco/perlite that I can bounce in and out of the tray.

Like you said, I would think the only major change you’d need to make is the flood schedule. With 4" net pots hanging off a lid using hydroton I had to feed every two hours with lights on.

With one gallon coco pots I could see that being every two days instead, unless they get root bound, then daily. A one gallon pot of coco with a 12" clone in it can usually go three days between feeds in my veg tent, but that same put with a full grown, root bound mom needs food and water every day.


Thanks @Bogleg