Cocco loco fungus nats

I was thinking of using cocco loco by ff and have read that people were having fungs nat problems what is the best cocco soil to use

I use FF Coco Loco and FF Ocean Forest 50/50 mixture. I’ve never had a problem with knats. Also wanted to give you a heads up on Coco Loco. It’s not 100% coco. Its mixed with forest hummus and is buffered and amended the same as soil. FF recommends that you treat it the same as soil. So if you are wanting to use 100% coco don’t use Coco Loco.


Fungus gnats can be a problem in any soil or coco and are an ongoing problem if you live where they live. They will get into your house and infect any plant you might have in your house, and will continue to infect every plant in your house given the chance.

They like moist soil where they lay their eggs. It’s the larvae that cause the problems as they eat fungus in the soil. When the fungus is gone the larvae start on the roots.

So how do you keep them out of your plants? Bottom watering can be a solution, since your soil stays dry, but if the holes at the bottom of the pot are exposed they will lay their eggs there.

Using something like mosquito bits on the top of you soil will kill the larvae, but personally, I don’t want them on my pot plants because I don’t want to smoke whatever is in there, but I have no problems putting them in all my wife’s house plants.

Fungus gnats are attracted to yellow, so using the yellow sticky sheets won’t eliminate them, but can help control them and will be an indication if they are around and how bad the infestation might be.

Covering the soil/coca with something like sand or a combination of sand and rocks will keep them away too.

If they live where you live you have a potential war on your hands, you will have to keep fighting or they will take over.


I found this to be really helpful in dealing with those little pain in the ass flys

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@CMichGrower good info ! I use the Yellow sticky papers but I think the thin layer of sand is a great idea.

That diatomaceous is the same stuff they use with the I❤️GM a pot for pot. They trust it enough to use it and it hasn’t failed me yet!!

Imo BT is best drench treatment for gnat control. I buy canna coco in the bags, been good so far.

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