COB (chip on board) led 50w warm white


I’m not 100% sure I’m following, 16-20 feet? Are you talking about the led rope light style or using leds still on the reel?


Actual rope length. Just enough to go around twice


Not the rope style I replied without getting what you meant. I just want them affixed to my walls.


As @BIGE pointed out the lenghts, those bridgelux strips probably the way to go. The 1120mm strips you can pretty much run them between 20-40 watts per strip on aluminum bar stock along the long walls. The 560mm strips you would probably do between 10-20 watts per strip along the short walls.

They’re not like the continuous rolls of leds you seed. They’re high efficacy mid power leds already mounted on a hard pcb. So you just decide about how many you want to do, and I’ll see what I can find for applicable drivers.


Approximately 150 total watts between the 2 rows. As this is just supplemental lighting I don’t know if it is worth it to use dimmable drivers. Let me know what you think. Thanks for the help. It is greatly appreciated :grin: 160+ lumens per watt.


Sure. If you want over 160 lumens per watt, that’s like a bridgelux eb gen2 or Samsung f series. I’d b happy to spec that out for you, but I think that’s probably a little more than you need for side lighting in that size space. You can see what @BIGE and @Myfriendis410, both have the gen1 eb strips in use which are like 156 lumens/watt on 3000k.

I’ll get the data sheets up either way. What are you using for overhead lights?


2 1000 watt king led and 300 watt Cobb light.
I can stick to gen 1 but do you reccommend higher than 3k?


Are you running start to finish in that tent?


I’m using them for my primary overhead light in 3,000K and happy so far.


An hlg-185h-c700a will have on board dimmer installed 50-100% and run four 1120mm strips plus four 560mm gen1 eb strips for a total of about 185 Watts total, at 156 lumens per watt for 3000k.

An hlg-120h-c500a will run the same amount of strips for about 132 watts. Hard to get to exactly 150 watts running those particular strips. The gen 2 eb can get closer because it has different forward voltage, they’re 175 lumens per watt and also more expensive.


Which would you recommend for diy overhead lighting. I’m feeling crafty. Cob or strip? To fill the space I’m thinking 1000 watts at the plug. But I also don’t know much about this as well :neutral_face:I’m ultimately going with exactly what you think is best.


I’d be happy to help. Would you mind posting in the diy thread so we don’t clutter this one up? Also, please put what size space is length x width x height. Thanks! @Buzzlightyear


Thanks @dbrn32 and one of you either tag me in that thread id like to see the setup. I need 800actual watts. but 1000 might be better? LOL


Don’t believe he’s posted, I’ll try to remember if he does.



I think this one might run a 70 watt COB:

$10 surplus from Electronic Goldmine.


Hey thanks @1BigFella


Hi…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge going with a constant current constant voltage driver, or constant current. You can essentially run it at any current you want then. The higher the current will be more output but less efficient and you’ll need larger heatsink. If you’re happy with 50 Watts, I can find some drivers that will work.


See this guy, he and @Aolelon are my retirement plan lol.


I am your retirement plan?