COB (chip on board) led 50w warm white


I’d be willing to bet it drew higher current on start up, and then dropped current and stayed at 19 volts.


very plausible


It’s beyond plausible, more like almost certain. It’s called inrush current.


@dbrn32 @1BigFella so I used the multi meter it reads 19.9 all the time even on startup. Hmm. Whatcha makes me wonder why it goes haywire for about 5 second then drops but voltage never changes

So the I snipped the fan wires off so only the cob would received 19.9 volts, and the cob did not light up. According to the data chart @dbrn32 that means I need the 1500ma driver correct to boot up the cob? And use what type of driver for the fan NOW that I know it’s too much voltage lol a 12v driver or what type of power plug did you say was 12v also? What type of battery charger??


Electrical theory. I don’t want to come off as a smartass, but look up the relationship between voltage and current in a parallel circuit. That should explain everything you need to know about why the voltage stays constant.

As far as what you were seeing and hearing, that’s what motors do when they start. It takes quite a bit more current to get them moving than to keep them running. Once they get up to speed the current levels off.


Got it thanks bro, no please be blunt so I can learn from this thank you


Nope, i suspect it means that 19 volts isn’t enough to light up the cob.


Good data for you I hope lol I will order the 1500ma driver that I first bought with the cob I found it on amazon for 16$ I’ll post the link lol you’ll get a kick out of this. And for the fan, what 12v power source can I use?

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Anything 12 volts or less. Just look at output current on the power supply and make sure it’s higher than fan is listed at.

I fairly large phone charger may even work. Not sure it would give you enough speed to cool your heatsink though.

If you have to buy one, meanwell makes them too. Apv 12-12 would probably work.


Thanks bro means a lot! I learned a lot today, that was fun :+1::+1::pray:

I’ll update when I get her tuned up and running


No problem. Let me know if you run into anymore issues, I’ll help with whatever I can.


@dbrn32 I think the brand is an off brand cob I think they are called epiled…? Not a well known brand but oh well


Could be. Can you find any info on it?


Well epiled dot com has a lot of versatile products from high voltage LEDs to cctv (security systems IR) and to indoor/outdoor lighting to landscape lighting. Check out their site it’s pretty cool, they give you colors of the diodes lol even plant LEDs and landscape LEDs you can see the W,B,R lol it doesn’t show pictures of the products though at least I can’t find any just yet


I’ve seen some Chinese websites that claim to use Epiled and Bridgestone LEDs. Probably don’t really, or else they just buy the entire bottom bin from those guys.


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Ah cool! Just wondering :+1::wink:


I was looking to add some strips on the sides and back of a 4’x2’ tent and wondering what would be ideal. I want 2 strips so between 16-20’
Total length. Do you have a material list that I could use?


@Buzzlightyear bridgelux has 280mm[11 1/32’’]
a 560mm[22 3/64] and a 1120mm[44 3/32’’]
check out dr.evils '‘moon rock breaker’'
or dr.evils hidden lab…
we have a lot of strip options you could look at until @dbrn32 can help.